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June 29, 2019 — by MCutts0

25 trendy balayage hairstyles for short hair

balayage is a hair coloring technique that combines shades in a seamless and striking transition. It melts together beautiful shades and is usually seen on long hair – but the incredible balayage technique looks just as nice on short hair! Here is a selection of stunning balayage blends that will look great on your short hair.

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Subtle Brown and Blonde Balayage

This is simply magnificent and springy bob is just striking and we just couldn’t love it anymore! With a stunning balayage color transition from light brown to a warming caramel blonde, the spectrum of beautiful tones is the most beautiful and golden finish we’ve ever seen! This straight and smooth bob has beautiful, choppy layers throughout.

Bouncy Bob with Caramel Balayage

This absolutely breathtaking bounce bob is oh so voluminous and we can’t have enough of it! Shortened by the length of the chin and provided with a number of beautiful layers on the back of the hair to create this beautiful shape. The bob is equipped with a striking selection of brown tones and a beautiful caramel tint, which all harmonize perfectly with each other.

Black bob with blonde balayage fringe

This stunning end crop is such a beautiful style that we absolutely cannot get enough of! It’s just adorable – just behind the head and just before the head done in a nice longer strand. The majority of the hair is black, and there is a stunning blonde balayage section at the front that forms the fringe. We love this look!

Brown balayage bob haircut for short hair

This beautiful, curved bob is perfectly cut – with the perfectly cut layers to create the most beautiful round shape that falls around the jaw level and just looks stunning. With a long, curved front part, this eye-catching bob is provided with a nice balayage mix of shades of brown, for a fantastic warmth To create color that we just love.

Balayage haircuts black and ash

This stunningly beautiful lady proves that a subtle balayage effect is sometimes best, with her absolutely remarkable graduated bob cut. It is longer at the front and shorter at the back and works from black to a beautiful ash blonde that kisses the end. The cut is finished with a soft wave that makes the most beautiful jump.

Graduated bob with chocolate and caramel

A graduated bob is one of the easiest ways to inject bodies and jump into shorter hair, and the way the layers are cut from longer on the front to shorter on the back automatically becomes a gorgeous shape that is perfect if straight or smooth or too curly! This gorgeous balayage look works with chocolate brown and caramel blonde tones, and we love this style.

Glossy black and brown curls

This simply stunning shiny black and brown balayage look is a dream and we absolutely love it! Her beautiful black has continuous streaks of shiny and light brown, and the color transition is perfectly highlighted by the stunning curls from root to tip, creating the most wonderful momentum and buoyancy to this style.

Red to orange balayage blend

Here’s another graduate bob – the Styles Weekly office clearly can’t get enough of it! When you look at this beautiful cut, it’s really not difficult to understand why. especially with this beautiful red to orange balayage mixture! This gorgeous curly bob style has a bright red to deep orange balayage transition that just looks beautiful and we just love it.

Subtle black and red balayage – balayage hairstyles for summer

This beautiful long and shiny bob has the most beautiful and subtle balayage transition we have ever seen – proof of why this hair coloring technique is so fantastic! This shoulder length bob looks from a black to an incredibly fine red color and we absolutely love it – especially because of the super straight and shiny surface.

Dark brown and light blonde pixie cut – balayage hair color > credit

A balayage transition can also be perfectly incorporated into a shorter hairstyle – as this incredibly fashionable lady has proven! Her beautiful pixie crop works with a breathtaking color mix from a deep brown to a lively caramel blonde! Shorter on the back and finished with a nice, long fringe section on the front and it looks absolutely great!

Brown and blonde balayage bob

This adorable bob just ends around the jaw line and has tabs of shorter layers on the back of the head, creating a beautiful curved shape that we can’t get enough of. This lady has opted for a remarkable brown and blonde balayage transition that is simply noticeable; We adore the color combination! She curls her hair for the ultimate finishing touch.

Copper Balayage Graduated Bob – Short balayage hairstyle

This beautiful graduate bob is done with the most beautiful style! It has a stunning short cut on the back that falls into a nice longer streak around the face and ends with a gorgeous curved fringe that frames the face to perfection. Combine this with the incredible copper balayage mix she has and you have the most remarkable slim bob!

Dark and light brown balayage bob

This beautiful shoulder-length cut is with layers that are always shorter towards the front of the face and an elaborate side parting that creates the most beautiful sweep effect on the front of the face. Her hair is a beautiful balayage of dark and light brown tones that we simply adore, and she ended it with a subtle wave forward.

Black to Red Curly – Red Balayage Hairstyle

This adorable and shiny shoulder length bob is perfectly finished with this beautiful balayage transition! It looks from a striking and deep black to a beautiful, strong red and ends with an incredibly bright red at the ends, which are beautifully fused by the curls that fall gently from the ear downwards and create a breathtaking, springy finish. 19659005] Caramel and Light Blonde Balayage Blend

Balayage hairstyles for older women over 50 . We think that different shades of the same color can go so well together in a balayage transition; just like this flawlessly stylish girl proves with her beautiful tiered bob, which is finished with an abundance of blonde colors. She finished this style with loose curls and looks absolutely gorgeous with the finished shape.

Breathtaking and shiny balayage blend

This gorgeous cut is a shoulder-length bob cut that ends with a side parting to create a glorious sweep-over effect towards the hair front. This girl has her Hair for a beautiful and smooth appearance, and the ends gently cut out to create a beautiful shape. Combine this wonderful cut with a beautiful blonde balayage look and you have one of our favorite blends!

Dark to light brown curls

This stunning bob has a blunt stepped edge that is slightly shorter at the back than at the front. This lady accented this fabulous style by adding some gorgeous curls around the ear. This cut is also done with a breathtaking color transition from a dark brown to a light brown, which we simply admire.

Brown to copper ringlets

There’s nothing like curls to show off a stunning color transition that highlights the beautiful mix of colors in a feather-light ringlet – just like this lady did with her gorgeous hair! Her hair sits around her shoulders and is chopped in a nice straight line, and it goes from a rich brown to an eye-catching copper tone, with blonde right at the ends!

Honey to Golden Blonde Balayage – Balayage hairstyles for short blonde hair

This gorgeous graduate bob is straightforward, smooth, shiny and steals the hearts of the Styles Weekly team! It has a beautiful curved edge that falls a little longer towards the front of the jaw to create a nice curved line and has the most beautiful blonde balayage effect we have ever seen! Adoring from a honey blonde to a gorgeous golden blonde, we adore this look.

Red to blonde balayage look

Another graded bob the cut is made – but we just couldn’t miss this breathtaking balayage mix! This beautiful bob ends in a beautiful diagonal edge from front to back and is a deep and bright red at the root that beautifully merges into a light, blonde edge. Finished with springy curls, this remarkable cut is simply adorable.


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