25 Pixie cut ideas

February 10, 2017 — by MCutts0

25 pixie cut ideas

There is a myth surrounding the idea of ​​the pixie cut. The myth says that the pixie cut doesn’t flatter everyone and that you have to have a certain face shape or certain features. We believe that myth is inaccurate. Consequently, this is the idea that we want to prove today. That’s why we’ve put together 25 pixie cut examples for you to choose from and be inspired.

1. The simple pixie cut

The first idea is always the simplest. Here’s a traditional pixie cut that leaves the whole neck free, but also holds a tuft of hair in the front. Drag a tousled and messy look to style it.

2. The slick pixie cut

At the other end of the messy pixie cut we showed above is the very smooth and shiny one. This pixie cut is more of a very short bob that borrows the characteristic features of this hairstyle. In addition, you can part your hair sideways to create the illusion of bangs.

3. The Cute Pixie cut

If you go for a supermodel look like Twiggy and her company, this is the pixie cut for you. It’s incredibly short, but not short enough to make you look like a teenager. In other words, there is perfection in a haircut!

4. The pixie cut with bangs

You can also add a touch of flair to your short pixie by letting a few bangs survive the scissors. Drag them around with a mouse to get a messy head effect.

5. The Textured Pixie cut

Here is another one that borrows heavily from the bob. Obviously we don’t mind because the bob is beautiful too. So this haircut is caught somewhere between a bob and a pixie cut. Ask your stylist to layer it for you. This way you will manage it better yourself.

6. The Army Pixie cut

This pretty lady shows us what an army glamor looks like with her metallic gray hair and her short, short pixie cut. So if you want to recreate the look, you can get a buzz cut in the back and a short bangs in the front.

7. The Two hair color pixie cut

Do you know what it means to be proud to show how proud you are of your new pixie? Die your hair in two different colors. Add a darker tone for the bottom and back sides and a lighter, fun attachment.

8. Volume on Top

A pixie cut can also help add a few inches if you’re not entirely happy with your size. If you have your hair cut, you can leave slightly longer strands on your head and then inflate with a little mousse.

9. Gun Metal Gray

Go one step further and dye your hair a beautiful gunmetal gray color. It will add depth and texture to your pixie cut. It will also make it look fresher and more stylish than it already is.

10. The 2000s

Even if we’re watching a revival of the 90 Going through years doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow from the 2000s. Here’s a picture of teen idol Mandy Moore with her famous chocolate pixie cut.

11. Pixie cut and braid

One way to look like a real fairy is that you can braid your hair on your pixie cut. The lovely lady in the picture looks absolutely stunning in an icicle blonde shade, pixie cut and messy braid on the front.

12. The Long Pixie Cut

No, it’s not a bob as you might think. In fact, it’s a long pixie cut. It’s also layered and straightened with an iron to give it a retro vibe. In addition, the makeup is in the same lines, with an electric purple eye shadow as the focal point.

13. The Asymmetrical Pixie cut

Nothing says youth and fun like this asymmetrical pixie cut. It comes in a fantastic deep chestnut color, but you can color your color any way you like. Put a comb through the bangs for a smooth finish.

14. The Shaggy Pixie cut

Our use of words here is not accidental because the lovely lady holds the cutest dog. To take she an Keyword of her and sport your very own shaggy pixie cut in a natural color.

15. Frozen to Perfection

Here’s another cute boy who decided to turn to frozen white blondes. She also wears a mesmerizing pixie cut with shabby bangs and smoky eye make-up.

16. The pixie cut for thick hair

A pixie cut is indeed perfect if you have very thick hair. Not only will you lose the entire length of the strands, the haircut will also remove much of the body and volume of the hair.

17. Ash blonde pixie cut

Blonde cuties don’t seem to get enough of the pixie cut. Therefore, here is a sporty, very chaotic and relaxed updo.

18. An attractive pixie cut

Pixie cuts of this kind are very tempting and will. They have sharp edges that perfectly frame the face and expose the length of your graceful neck.

19. The Long and Stacked Pixie

In this context, stacked layered means to the next level. In fact, you have a pixie cut, but with layers on layers on layers of your lush locks.

20. Turquoise and dream catcher

This is the definition of fashionable and hip. A relaxed and beautiful young woman wearing a fantastic turquoise pixie cut, dream catcher earrings and tattoos.

21. The bourgeois pixie cut

Here is an example that the pixie cut really fits everyone. As you can see, it’s a beautiful ash blonde shade cut into a leprechaun, with some volume on top and gorgeous pearl earrings. In addition, the make-up is reserved and elegant.

22. Curls and shaving cream

How does this work? First, you only shave a little off. Second, you move all your hair to the other side. Finally, use a small curling iron to get some beach waves in place.

23. Under the Sea

With a pixie cut, nothing works better than bright neon colors. A deep black color is reminiscent of the deep blue sea on an icy morning.

24. Going punk rock with a pixie cut

If the example above where we advised you to shave a little off the side is not enough, here is it. Shave everything off. As a result, you will have a lot of hair on one side and none and a really excellent haircut on the other.

25. The Chunky Pixie cut

We called it chunky because that’s how the edges of the hair appear. It’s also close to a bob as far as the hairstyles go. Therefore, you can pass it off as one in case you get tired of the pixie cut.


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