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The new long, medium and short bob hairstyles for thick hair are here! You will love the new highlight colors for bob haircuts. For thick hair, layered bobs are a good choice as they create simple hairstyles that keep your strong hair under control and look great.

Ash blonde inverted bob on thick hair

Ash colors are big news for long and short bob hairstyles for thick hair! Here’s a perfect example of wearing an authentic inverted 60’s bob. Thick hair that has been lightened gains even more volume and can be shaped with vertical cut layers that remove the volume from the ends. The shorter back gracefully moves down to brush the collar bone, and the side division creates a long bangs (bangs). Ash blonde accents emphasize the beautiful shape and the casual finish keeps the look relaxed but neat!

Side view of the latest popular balayage hairstyle

Simple bob hairstyles with chic Honey dip dye on medium brown hair

Dip-Dye started out as a DIY hippie style for long hair, but developed into a chic way to "dress up" simple, layered bob hairstyles. Thick hair hangs nicely on long bob hairstyles with no bushy shape when the stylist ends up inverted layers cuts. This technique of tip texturing thins and shapes the ends of thick hair, dropping it into an attractive inward curve. And instead of adding sheer blonde sheen to mousey hair, this honey blonde shade flatters all skin tones and ages! If your face is oval, just add a midsection and a touch of comb back to the crown to complete this chic, but casual, medium length hairstyle for thick hair!

Low-key layer bob hairstyles for thick hair with blonde ombré highlights

It’s very easy to change the daily routine from long bob hairstyles for thick hair, as you can see below. Layered bob hairstyles for thick hair can be smooth or slightly wavy and styled with a tousled finish. The blonde highlighting in this style blends well with the light brown / mousey base shade and becomes lighter on the tips and strands that frame the face. This makes the ends smudge and light, and from a center or side distance, the light blonde strands reflect light on the face in a very flattering way!

Long inverted bob makeover from informal to chic

There comes a time when we realize it’s time to cut our long, shapeless curls, but choosing a new style can be a very difficult moment! Fortunately, this decision is much easier to make now that you can keep your hair long but look younger with a stylish inverted bob. Thick hair is easier to handle with shoulder-length cut layers and thinned tips of the latest long layered bob hairstyles. This upturned bob on thick hair shows a warm cocoa base covered with twisted medium blonde waves. Adding waves to the sides of the head is a great way to widen a thin area and soften an angular shape. With a central part, this style fits oval surfaces, but can easily be adapted to heart-shaped and square surfaces.

Chin-length inverted bob hairstyle for heart or round face

With a heart-shaped or round face, one of the best layered bob hairstyles is the chin-length, reverse bob. Thick hair is cut with blunt tips for a choppy, futuristic look with lots of medium and short bob hairstyles for thick hair. An off-center or side dividing line cuts the symmetry of a curved, round surface and covers the corners of a wide forehead. You can easily reduce the appearance of a pointed chin by having thick, choppy layers on both sides. Versatile, chin-length bob hairstyles for thick hair are easy to curl and pinned up for glamorous evening upstyles.

Lavender gray bob haircuts for thick hair

Platinum blonde is less popular for spring and summer hairstyles. Ash blonde and silver gray-lavender shades give medium-length hairstyles a bold, fashionable touch. Thick hair has a natural volume, so you can wear it in simple bob hairstyles and add an eye-catching color to complete your new look. Chin-length, short bob hairstyles for thick hair mimic Kelly Osborne’s preference for soft, lavender-gray tones. See how this cute pale shade accentuates the model’s gorgeous brown eyes and makes her pale skin tone glow!

Messy medium length hairstyles for thick hair and leather jackets

This profile of a messy, upturned bob on thick hair shows how good it looks with the new fashion for leather clothing. Thick hair hanging just below the chin is one of the best medium length hairstyles on thick hair for an oval, angular, or heart-shaped face. The hair is cut in various messy layers to soften the line, cover a strong chin line, and increase the width to minimize a pointy chin. This is one of the simplest bob hairstyles for thick hair because the finish is slightly wavy and comfortable is windswept !

Pretty blonde bob hairstyles for thick hair with a rough finish

Here’s one of our most popular new blondes for spring and summer hairstyles! It is a very sweet medium-short bobcut with double emphasis that shines like pure gold. This also means that it reflects flattering light on your complexion and can potentially take years of your face! This bob cut also shows one of the latest cutting techniques for medium length hairstyles for thick hair. The last 2 or 3 inches are heavily thinned and then arranged in defined, twisted strands. This creates a sweet, irregular, rough look that shows a three-dimensional color depth on a beautiful layered bob hairstyle for thick hair with slightly cut ends!

Long layered bob hairstyles for thick hair with ash blonde accents

If you’re not ready to lose your hair length yet, you can update your image with long layered bob hairstyles. For thick hair, blunt tips, which are hung over the shoulder, give a completely fresh look with lively movement instead of the long, pointed rat tails! The new layered bob hairstyles focus on healthy, twisted movement. For thick hair with some natural wave, you can vary the look slightly with a short session with a curling iron. However, the standout feature of most long and short bob hairstyles for thick hair is the color you choose to highlight texture, shape, and movement. The double highlighting in ash blonde tones is definitely the next big color trend for 2019!

Short boho hairstyles for thick hair for square faces

The cool ash tones, of course, don’t go well with all skin tones, so don’t plunge into anything yet. There are still plenty of gold and copper highlights in the latest bob hairstyles! Medium-length bob hairstyles for thick hair that end between the chin and the skeleton look great with a well-harmonized mid-blonde ombré. This style has lighter, honey blonde, curvy waves that move away from the face. This is a good style to cover a strong chin line and soften all angles. This bob hairstyle for square faces has an off-center part that cleverly dresses up a square hairline by having a cute one oval Frame created!

Long bob hairstyle in party style in warm brown with sweet caramel balayage

Warm brown is still a popular shade and will continue to be fashionable for a long time, as it is well suited, for example, to warm up pale skin tones! However, like other layered bob hairstyles for thick hair, there’s a new twist. This breathtaking event style has bold, medium blonde stripes of balayage. See how they draw attention to the waves of extreme asymmetry and the inverted pendulum. Thick hair in a long bob looks much more modern and looks more flattering than long, shapeless haircuts! And this is one of our favorites for its striking beauty!

Long choppy, layered bob with two-tone, white-gold tousled twists

For Nordic types, the sweet, new ash blonde hues are the perfect update for any number of long-wave bob hairstyles. Thick hair, worn loose but with a clear bob shape, creates a youthful image and underlines the chic, modern style. This is a cute, shaggy bob with a middle part to accentuate a perfectly oval face, but you can part move to get a flattering look at a heart, round or square face shape. (This bob is not recommended for long or thin face shapes that should be shorter and wider on the sides.)

Bronde Long bob with wheat blonde ombré on a dark blonde background

If you prefer a stronger highlight contrast for your dark blonde hair, try this cool, wheat blonde ombré! The latest long bob hairstyles for thick hair have blunt ends rather than conical dots. This can make heavy hair more vibrant and be more washed out , in contrast to the long, tapered style where the hair only calm was. This is one of the long bob hairstyles that go with an oval, round, or heart-shaped face. The deep side parting allows you to cover half of the forehead, and the wavy movement on both sides of the chin increases the width.

Sexy long bob profile view with cool blonde highlights and teased volume around the crown

If you add a bit of teasing (combing back) to the crown, you also get a very sexy Brigitte Bardot mood! This is one of the longer ones, long Bob hairstyles for tight Hair and a good choice for an oval face and for the extension of a round face. The deep side cutting edge allows you to create a bit more height with a wave around the forehead. An extra long fringe (pony), which is draped diagonally over the face, breaks up the symmetry and shorter layers on the cheek plane detach the curving cheeks. Dark blonde hair is lightened with two cool blonde accents that concentrate around the face. Designed with messy, casual twists and waves, these trendy and relaxed long hairstyles for thick hair make a very popular look for 2019!

Purple long bob on thick hair with a light wave for heart faces

Deep violet violet is another color for short, medium and long hairstyles that we will see more in spring and summer. It’s suitable for simple hairstyles like this long bob hairstyle, for thick hair with a few natural looking waves and twists. The waves are well positioned to keep the focus at face level, and the tips are slightly textured to keep the ends light and smudgey. If you like a hairstyle that practically takes care of itself, a loose, long bob hairstyle is hard to beat. For thick hair you do not need cumbersome details and a regular cut keeps your hair in shape! Fits oval and heart faces.

Shaggy long bob hairstyle for thick hair, straight, wavy and twisted

A center parting is ideal for people with an oval face. This long bob hairstyle for thick hair demonstrates three different ways to style this popular haircut. First of all, we have a cut with many straight, vertical movements, made of long cut layers and additional shape and texture at the tips. Textured tips thin the ends and give bob haircuts for thick hair a trendy, shaggy finish. In terms of color, the brown base is highlighted with two shades of blonde, whereby a cool gold shade leads to a white-golden shade that is concentrated on the front.

Long bob party hairstyle with extreme asymmetry on black hair with a stunning blonde top layer

For me, the most exciting medium and long bob hairstyles for thick hair SS16 are those with extreme asymmetry and strong color contrasts. What other styles match the dramatic effects of an inverted bob with asymmetrical sides like these medium length hairstyles. Thick hair doesn’t need to be curled to create a flattering volume and new shapes. This striking straight bob on black hair has a deep side and a gorgeous wound of blonde hair draped over one half of the face. Black with two blonde highlights on large sections of hair is a fantastic look for a party or a special wedding hairstyle!

White blonde beach wave bob behind oval, thin or square faces

What happens when a short, stacked back hairstyle grows? Well, bob short hairstyles for thick hair usually grow elegantly in medium-sized hairstyles, so you don’t have to deal with an "uncomfortable phase" as your hair grows. This white-blonde-colored summer beach wins through the slightly darker roots and the medium-blonde-gold highlight in the neck 3-D charm. Waves on both sides of the face increase the width, so this upturned bob looks good on thick hair to make up for a thin face. Also fits oval and square surfaces as the side waves can soften a strong chin line.

Warm up a dark blonde long, wavy bob with two caramel and copper highlights

Dark blonde hair has only been enlivened with cool, blonde accents for years, and many women looked like they had gray hair and a white face! However, dirty blonde with strawberry blonde, caramel and copper-colored accents often looks better. Everything depends on your skin tone, and if you have a pale, cool complexion, you will look a lot better with warm highlights. Long layered bob hairstyles for thick hair have far more shape and style than long hair with pointed sections! So why not get rid of all split ends and look more stylish with this warm and sexy inverted bob? Thick hair with a center parting and wing wing flat oval faces, but you can customize the cut to fit a heart, square, or thin face. Shiny, casual waves that are highlighted by warm, double highlights are an easy-care bob haircut that is suitable for parties, work, and weddings!

Same length of the long bob with amber and honey balayage highlighting and big, loose waves

Here is a fabulous classic medium length bob hairstyle for thick hair with extra volume at the ends. This is a great bob hairstyle for a heart-shaped face, as it fully balances a wide forehead and a pointed chin. With this cut, the ends are cut about the same length all around, but with a few shorter lengths that are draped around the face to soften the line. Light brown hair is given a lot more sex appeal, with amber and honey balayage accentuation that nicely emphasize the defined, curvy waves that hang casually around the head!

Medium bob hairstyle with a new wave pattern and two highlights on a mousey brown base

Changing the wave pattern has been a big novelty for hairstyles in recent years, supported by the new heated tongs with all sorts of different wave options. And in the bob hairstyles we will on see and wear new wave pattern! The bob hairstyle below shows how the second wavy line is placed directly over the tips, creating a loosely curved baseline. It’s a fabulous new way to emphasize the angled line of an inverted bob haircut!

Short chic bob hairstyle for thick hair with cool blonde accents on a warm brown background

The new short bob hairstyles for thick hair are full of beautiful inverted bob bobs. Thick hair can be stacked on the back to create that fabulous angle that bears on either side of the neck. This version shows how shorter bob hairstyles for thick hair with a sharper angle and cool, blonde accents look over a cocoa brown base. Suitable for round and long face shapes.

So the new bob hairstyles for thick hair have many styles and completely new accent colors. Choose from funky purple and mauve, adorable white gold, silver gray and lavender to chic, ash blonde and ash brown (bronde) Accent. A good tip is to find out how your skin color is Daylight looks, before choosing a new color. Ash blonde can drain paint off a cool complexion. Contact a color expert to get highlights that really match your personal skin tone!


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