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Waves are this kind of fun and easy solution for exercising. Flirty jumps to your locks. We’ve thought of a must-see range of 21 absolutely stunning wavy bob hairstyles that will take your locks from boring and boring to full-bodied and flawless. Prepare for a wavy look that can grab everyone’s attention!

Ombre Tight Waves: Stylish shoulder length bob haircut

Beautiful waves, so tight that they almost like lush Curls work! Her beautiful dark to light brown ombre is carried up to new heights with some narrow waves from front to back. Doing an elegant “is perfect for unusual nights.


Tight waves

Bouncy, vibrant and youthful, their firm waves add lots of extravagant volume. Thrown out of the face, she opens her face and lets her perfect facial features shine brightly.


Slow relaxed waves: medium layered hairstyle

Tired of keeping your long locks straight? Just give them a hint of beautiful body with some relaxed waves. This casual look is perfect for students or for women who just want it before they start their day.


Narrow waves with accentuated side braiding

It is a very pleasant body in this look; we are in love! This is a great hairstyle that can be worn practically anywhere. The tight waves are springy and fun, though the accent side braid adds an explosion of trend and femininity.


Very relaxed waves

On days when you don’t like to take off with straight and narrow hair, but have little time, you should think about very relaxed waves like this. It’s just enough body for some fun and playful texture without going overboard. Casual and cool!


Very voluminous waves: Layered, wavy haircut

Contrary to the above hairstyle, if you have the necessary time and want to leave the house with a BANG, you should imagine some very sexy and very glamorous, voluminous waves like this. Scream with sex appeal!


Loose waves and choppy fringes

Ah, so in love with this delicate hairstyle! With some flattering chopper fringes in advance and some nice loose waves on the sides and back, it’s undoubtedly the most feminine style on this list.

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Side swept medium waves

That kind of alluring and dazzling style to go with the Grammy Awards! She blends her hair into a charming, medium-heavy style that is by your side for a sultry attitude.


Super voluminous waves: short hairstyle for prom

There is a lot of volume in this sexy style! Their super voluminous waves are absolutely breathtaking, they will take the nose off the show wherever it belongs.


Casual voluminous waves

With this style, the "sexy secretary" totally looks. Her voluminous waves are slightly tousled and tamed for a sultry and seductive style that goes well with a few “girls on the other street clothes”.


Blunt Loose Waves: Everyday Hairstyle

Chocolate brown curls are beautifully reworked with sultry, loose waves. These blinding waves look perfect along with their choice of a blunt cut just below the pine level, and this will make a versatile style that can be on the beach or for any office party.


Casual loose ombre waves

Ombre hair looks fabulous when paired with a wavy mane, and that’s why we fall in love with this style. Her beautiful cut is slightly angled for contrast and her casual, loose waves are just ideal for a daily look.


Retro Waves: Blonde short hairstyles with bangs

This expressive look has that adorable 1950s nature and makes a beautiful, feminine style that rocks. Combine this glamorous dress with your favorite dress or retro outfit for a really shiny style.


Medium waves with trendy side swept bangs

Such a flirty and flirty style! Her hair starts with a couple of trendy, side-swept bangs, the others of her short bob are reinforced with some gorgeous, medium-weight waves. Nice.


Structured waves

Tons of shifts? Give them an explosion of texture and flirty bounce with tons of waves. Tousle them a little for some extra cute bodies.


Slow medium waves

These beautiful medium waves are close to curls and give her mane a lot of divine bodies. This sultry and stylish ‘can easily be worn for prom for that homecoming , for the wedding – Virtually anywhere where viewing your best is critical.


Messy waves with Fringey ends

The most wonderful look for summer, these messy waves are shy and flirtatious and look like you just got off the beach. Their ends are chopped to perfection and look particularly lovely with a light blonde color and a hint of wave.


Extra short tousled waves

It starts with an extra short bob-Hairstyle, through a graduated style that is stacked and kept shorter when you look at the back. Her full-bodied cut is designed with some playful, tousled waves that are downright flirty and fun.


Teased Waves: Women’s Short Haircut Ideas

Even though the waves are causing a sultry crack in your curls, you may feel that you need a lot more body! If you want a bit more height, try teasing your mane during the crown and sides for the fuller, bulkier finish.


Angled voluminous waves

This hairstyle is downright breathtaking, the perfect choice for fancy occasions! It starts with a strongly angled bob hairstyle, with the tip being extra long to frame the facial area. It ends with some beautiful contrasting colors in her mane and some ultra voluminous waves that can just be tempting.


Simple, natural and organic waves

Your mane carries a series of simple, natural and organic looking waves. And even if it looks subtle, it still looks youthful and fresh. A great look for the summer!



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