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April 16, 2016 — by MCutts0

Pixie cuts are fashionable and trendy, and there are so many fashionable slice to select! If you’re looking for your next cute pixie cut, check out these incredibly trendy pixie cut ideas – from long with lots of layers to edgy, shaved pages.

Nice layers and short side cut

This look has it all: an attractive, natural looking, blonde color with lots of lowlights and Highlights , a stylish site that is short and funky , and tons of beautiful layers that then make a serious leap. It’s a fairly simple haircut, but that doesn’t mean it lacks elegance or beauty. The perfect pixie haircut for women all Age groups, whether you’re a teenage lady or a woman over 50.


Girly Mohawk

Who says girls can’t rock an Iroquois? Think again For women who love an edgy look-at-me haircut, we recommend doing this wild. She shaves the sides of her hair and leaves a large number of strands on top to form an adorable mohawk. How incredible is it look? Don’t forget to combine it with all your favorite studs and chains.


Shaved back

Her black and white oreo hair color is definitely an absolute knockout, perfect for every season. Exactly what about this cut ?! It’s incredibly modern and stylish, with a shaved back and lots of layers in the foreground. This will make it as easy as ever, tease some serious body and volume with a bit, and don’t forget a trendy side sweep.


Layers and pony galore

Whenever we could describe this hair in one word, it would be HOT; or maybe even SIZZLING. There is so much to love about this mane, from the beautiful and expressive red coloring to the tempting long layers. We love the addition of front bangs that cover the top of a human eye; sultry and seductive, two of our favorite things.


Cut short over the ear

Absolutely unique, this fashionable look has length and brevity in one. It leaves the mane long and fresh, while the sides are cut extra short over the ear. A flawless search spring, Summer, autumn or winter!


Shy shaved side

Impressive. Simply wow. We adore the hair color with this woman! The Ocean Foam Green is exotic and it just looks fantastic when compared to your skin tone. Regarding the haircut, here we come across an excellent polished look that only has a hint of the shaved side – probably the one most popular trends for 2016 . If you’re not brave enough for a completely shaved side, consider this shy peek-a-boo shave.


Briefly back

Similar to our beloved shaved back hairstyle , this will do another trendy ‘with exactly the same idea in mind: covering too much volume at the top while keeping the back short and manageable. Because of this appearance, the left side is kept very short, although the rest of the locks hang loosely in layers. She ends her modern look with super popular gray and purple curls!


Classic boy cut

So maybe a mohawk is not your thing. What about subtle spikes? Girls can totally rock spiky hair – don’t let anyone else know! This beautiful, classic boy cut shows consistently shorter hair that is lively and unique with purple and black hair colors and a few spikes in the front.


Cut bowl

Cut a bowl? I thought that was a fashion faux pas that we left to the second grade boys! Well, no longer! The classic bowl cut makes a HUGE comeback and is recognized as a fashion statement instead of a faux pas! Just look at how chic and edgy she looks, think it’s great. Plus you can easily stylize this haircut in many amazing ways as you can see in the pictures below!


Extra long pixie cut

This haircut leaves the hair so long, it is almost no longer considered a pixie cut – anyway . In fact, it’s perfect for the girl if you don’t want to chop her curls completely, still looking for a bit lengthy and perky posture. Loving the longer bangs also around the face area. Great choice for girls by a round face.


Shaved side cut

This girl rocks. So we said it. From her intense eye makeup and perfect eyebrows to strong, violent hair coloring, she is as nervous as it gets; and she takes her rocking style one step further with a shaved side!


Super short shifts

So you’re a certain girl who wants to cut hair incredibly short and rock an edgy and seductive style, huh? Well, we have an ideal cut for your needs! This haircut is totally fabulous and pretty tempting. The entire mane is cut short and leaves enough space for super short layers from front to back. Complete this seductive cut with the makeup shown here.


Long back

We saw a quick back and a shaved back, what about a long back? We love this cute look as it adds some length to your pixie style. Sweep it into the side and even add curls if you really want to bring this beautiful look to life.


Asymmetrical layers

A pixie cut is not a pixie cut without classic side jaws, just as we see it here. But what really notices this haircut is the variety of asymmetrical layers everywhere. Extremely stylish and springy, it fits perfectly with every wardrobe from subtle to wild, elegant to casual.


Very long shifts

For women who want to fight with thick hair or maybe want to train. simple life to your locks is usually a good choice. It works easily for Women over 60 or women in their teens and somewhere in between. Long layers beautify lifeless manes and give them the youthful bounce that everyone knows and loves. Don’t forget a couple of cute bangs in front to soften your facial skin!


Classic long pixie cut

Modern and classic, this long pixie cut has everything we love about a pixie haircut. The hair is parted deeply to one side, a vintage and attractive look that we love. Next, one side is kept half short, tapering the ear, although the opposite side is the perfect length to sweep over the forehead. Everything that belongs to this elegant look.


Short spunky layers

Short shifts? Yes, please! Just take a look at this happy and funny haircut! The variety of super short layers gives this hair a serious life and only needs a little gel to keep it springy and fun. Ideal for Women of all ages !


Long layers over shaved back

Keeping the back of your head completely shaved can be a great idea when trying to find a haircut that is easy to handle. What we love about this particular style is the fact that all of these other hairs are kept longer with layers so that the hair dangles gracefully all over the ear and can be shaved for the very stylish finish.


Long cut with choppy bangs

An adorable, cheeky haircut with lots of funk and attitude, this pixie haircut is a great choice for younger girls who just have a cute look. The room is quite long and filled with a lot of charming layers, while the bangs are super choppy for a unique and bubbly finish.


Super long bangs

Black locks with a hint of deep blue? LOVE. It’s edgy and spicy and thinks it’s absolutely perfect for the cold winter season. Now we’re talking about this annoying haircut! The back is short and easy to use because the front is extra long. The final result? A hot and sexy hairstyle , that fits perfectly with dark pout.


Funky layers and short side cut

Do you add momentum and volume to your mane immediately? Then turn the layers on! This beautiful little cut comes with a number of shorter layers and develops an adorable ending that can be easily styled with a few waves as we come across here. Super adorable along with brown hair color looks beautifully paired with natural makeup.



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