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When you’re a teenager, there are few things that are better than the moment when you are at last are old enough to perform alone The freedom to go and to see, whoever you want and hang out with your friends and break up in the process could often lead to some, say, unfortunate concert decisions, even among some of the ’00s best concerts. Still, if you were lucky enough to see some of the ’00s best bands while enjoying this freedom, I applaud you. It has not always been that easy.

Between trying to have the money to see some of the ’00s’ bigger or better bands, or even struggling to find friends who would go with you, it could sometimes be difficult to see even the bands You wanted. (And, God knows, maybe you pulled yourself into a series of unfortunate appearances just to show solidarity with your beast.) The magic of a teenager, however, is that even if the bands make you cry a little bit now These first few experiences of live music are unprecedentedly independent.

Here are 21 concerts that you attended during this important time of your life.

1. The arcade fire

If you happen to have friends like mine who saw these guys live and didn’t shut up, that they’re simply the best live act ever were, then you were probably smart enough to buy a ticket and see it. Your friends weren’t wrong either. Your live show is spectacular.

2. The white stripes

Considering that there was only Meg and Jack White on stage during their live performances, they managed to make such a noise barrier that you couldn’t help but beg, borrow and work hard, to see the money whenever they came into town. It’s totally worth it.

3. My chemical romance

Because, quite simply, your teenage fear never died. Your gigantic crush of front man Gerard Way probably has you too damned fast to the top of the crowd driven, so that you can point love signals at him with your eyes. It’s okay, girl, he has you total seen.

4. Reel big fish

It feels like Reel Big Fish every year forever been on tour would, and it could well be that their appearance was one of the first you have ever attended. If you’re like me and the gig showed you that Ska wasn’t your bag is, then you may have used it as a perfect opportunity to finally get close to you. However, it was not a total waste of time.

5. Muse

Labeled under "Arena rock bands that everyone says you should see", Muse was perhaps one of the first massive Gigs that you went to and experience the sweat when you first leave the stadium. Nothing is like stinking home on the train, is it??

6. The murderers

With it you fulfill all yours I’m on a secret date with Seth Cohen fantasies.

7. LCD sound system

Otherwise known as the concert where you feel cool. If you’ve managed to see LCD sound systems in their prime ’00s, then performance has likely resulted in you spending more time researching obscure music genres on Pitchfork and all your teen fear rock collection in favor of something like that You dance this fear leaves way.

8. Foo fighters

And you still have the homemade one "Mrs. Dave Grohl" -T-shirt to prove it (which remains unwashed when you managed to meet him after the show and steal a hysterical hug from the man).

9. The blazing lips

You danced, you laughed, and you cried your eyes while the whole crowd was up "Do You Realize" sang? The show undoubtedly also led to the question why more and more bands are no longer throwing gigantic colored balls into the audience.

10. Paramore

Because Hayley Williams is an undisputed Is goddess . It was also the perfect performance for you and all your best friends to go together so that you can unleash all your sing-along singing magic while holding hands in the pit.

11. Courtney love

You were too young to see Hole in the nineties, but when Courtney Love managed to perform live anywhere, you were total there . And you knew every word about every song and high five all the fantastic women rocking in the pit next to you when you did that.

12. Radio head

At some point you may have decided to take your taste in music seriously and finally decided to invest in some Radiohead tickets. And that’s what made it official: music is your whole life.

13. Kanye West

It seems hard to believe now, but as Kanye 2004 The College Dropout, he was still able to see him live in a venue without having to rely on a giant screen, for him really too see . At that time, his music was not quite famous and his performances were incredible.

14. Hooba tank

Admit it: you have every word from "The Reason" knew and didn’t really come across another song when they performed – but feel absolutely confirmed in your decision by choosing this song as your encore number play.

15. No doubt about it

Additional points go to you if you were one of the lucky people to garbage you in 2002 and Saw The Distillers on tour. Dream line-up.

16. Panic! At the disco

Your entire friendship group has probably participated. Someone might have been so excited that they were sick and you spent all your pocket money on the merchandise booth. I know you .

17. Red hot chilli pepper

Ooh boy saw RHCP was quite the event. It also costs a lot of money to see her, so unless you had a steady job on Saturday, a birthday, or a long-lost aunt who mysteriously showed up out of nowhere your friends, the attended their gig, talked about it for months afterwards while crying in a lonely, impoverished abyss.

Avril Lavigne

You wore one of your father’s ties around the neck of your t-shirt and lost it immediately during the first song.

19. Down system

Maybe you were total Metal and ready to mosh, or maybe SOAD has inspired you to be as full of life as no other metal band has done before. Anyway, you probably attended her appearance and spent the following week comparing your nasty bruises to those of your friends and "I have System Of A down visited so I can’t run this week" as a useful excuse to get you out of physical education.

20.Yeah yeah yeahs

Sparkling leggings? Check. Trendy and chaotic hairstyle? Check. Ailing couple of Converse paired with a tutu dress? Check. If Karen O was your cool girl hero, you were in the front row dancing "Date With A Night", before you go to her uncontrollably always painfully sincere idea of "Maps" sobs.

21. Kelly Clarkson

Glow sticks in the air for "Since U Gone"? Absolutely.

I sincerely hope that you have collected all of your concert tickets in a neat row on your bedroom wall forever. Keep these people safe, because how else can you prove that you actually saw Avril Lavigne when you were 14 and it was the best time ever ?


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