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May 25, 2017 — by MCutts0

21 best short spiky haircuts for men

Short, spiky haircuts have been fashionable among boys for many years. The reason for this huge popularity of spikes is very obvious. Spiky hairstyles are simple, easy to style, and look cool. In addition, they can be designed in different ways. Everything you need to have a small amount of hair gel or pomade.

Another plus point of a spiky haircut is its versatility and flexibility. They are a good choice for professionals and can be worn at formal events and gatherings. Even at casual parties and functions, you can have this style for a cool and stylish look. If you find it difficult to choose the perfect look, we will help you choose the right one. The best spiky Hairstyles for men are shared below for inspiration.

Spiky haircuts for boys 2018

1- flat top spikes

The hairstyle below has short spikes with some highlights and a flat top. A burst fade is provided on the sides to complete the look.

2- The widow tip hairstyle

If you have receding hairlines, that doesn’t mean you can’t try bold hairstyles like spikes. Orlando Bloom has proven that spikes can be worn by men who suffer from thinning hair, and they look cool too. Check out this widow’s lace hairstyle that can be worn by balding men.

3- Spiky Undercut Hairstyle

This is a combination of spikes and undercut, styled in a casual format. The lace hair is a bit mixed for a casual look.

4- Long spikes with a light beard

This is another cool look that can be achieved with little effort. You need some hair wax and gel to have this long spiky hairstyle. It has shorter sides and back while the top hair is kept longer. Other highlights underline the beauty of this modern look.

5- The shaved line

The shaved line hairstyles are very common among African American men. The following haircut is an inspiration from them that has similar shaved line along with greasy tips. It’s a very clean haircut, completely faded on the sides and back. In addition, the top hair is kept of medium length, so styling can be done easily.

6- skin fade long spikes for men

The long spikes have been in fashion since last year and they are designed in different shapes. Usually the skin is faded on the sides and given back, while the longer tip hair is styled with some hair product. It looks great on men with round and oval face shapes.

7- The short spikes for professionals

Spikes are not only suitable for casual parties and functions, but also for you to wear them at formal meetings and gatherings. The only thing to consider is the hair length. Try to get shorter spikes if you are professional. Shorter hairs are easy to handle and they also look good.

8- Geometric Cut Combo

This is another very popular haircut for blacks that shows a nice combination of geometric cut and spikes. In this look, a geometric shape is formed on the front using a razor. The rest of the hair at the top is styled in a messy format to create a modern spiky hairstyle.

9- The Korean spikes

Spikes are very popular among Koreans, especially among Asian men. The reason is her fine straight hair, which is a blessing for someone who likes spikes. You can easily get a fashionable spiky hairstyle with such a hair structure, just like the Korean type below.

10- Leonardo DiCaprio Spiked Haircut

If you are a Leonardo DiCaprio fan then you would be happy to see him in this cool short spiky haircut. It’s an old photo of Leonardo in which he got tips with golden highlights.

11- Long spiky haircut for boys

Here’s another stylish look for guys who have long and thick hair.

12- Professional spiky look for men

The following style is perfect for professionals and business people. So if you want to look stylish with medium length spikes, then you have to try this hairstyle.

13- platinum textured spikes

If you really stand out from the crowd, then platinum textured spikes can do the necessary thing. It’s a bold look that can be adorned by confident boys who love to experiment with different looks.

14- The Classic Spikes

Here comes the classic spiky look for boys was initially worn by men when the spikes were introduced. It looks great on men with an oval or square face shape.

15- Forward swept hairstyle

This combination of undercut with spikes sweeping forward looks gorgeous on guys with long faces. In addition, highlights can be added, depending on your preference, to finish off the look.

16- Classic fades with short structured spikes

This is a simple and short spiky hairstyle that fades on the sides and the back of the head. It’s a classic look that can be worn by men of all ages.

17- EMO inspired Spiky Haircut

Who doesn’t like EMO hairstyles? They look cute and most EMO hairstyles have spikes. Young men like EMO hairstyles very much these days. So if you want to try something funky then go for the haircut below.

18- Short and curly spikes

Adding some curl to your spikes can further glorify the look if done well. For example, see the curly spiky faded hairstyle below.

19- The classic spiky hairstyle for guys

Here comes another elegant look that is very easy to style and requires minimal maintenance. It is perfect for boys with thicker hair and one small Lots of pomade can be used to get this hairstyle.

20- Zayn Malik’s Valentine’s Day hairstyle

Zayn Malik is a versatile celebrity who is never afraid to try new looks and colors. Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, Zayn was spotted with long spikes that were completely colored in a shocking pink color. Believe me, it looks very stunning, but at the same time it takes some courage to be adopted.

21- Brushed spikes for children

Who says spikes are only for boys? Older men and even the kids can have short spiky haircuts. See how cute this boy looks in roughened spikes. The spiky hairstyle below is nicely done and the curved, shaved line on the sides makes it even more tempting.

I hope you like ours collection liked spike hairstyles for boys. Now it’s your turn to choose the best spikes and rock the world.


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