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The 20s stand for a particularly exciting time. A spirit of optimism, the desire for change, a shift in interests and the desire to live led to a great change. The economy also experienced an upswing, which is why this period is also known as the Golden Twenties. Most of the population preferred to celebrate, dance and go to the cinema regularly. This upswing was also noticeable in the print media and cinemas. One speaks of 2 million visitor numbers every day. Oscar-winning films such as "The Great Gatsby" show that even today there is great enthusiasm for this Time exists. The 20s are also indispensable in fashion. The following guide shows you everything you should know about the fashion of the golden age.

What distinguishes the fashion of the 20s?

The 20s fashion stands for revolutionary change. After the First World War, women in most of Europe gained the right to vote. This was accompanied by the desire for emancipation and a division of roles. The scarcity of materials and food also led to a pragmatic approach to fashion. Corsets and extravagant dresses with striking sleeves are a thing of the past. Simple, simple 20s dresses with a low waist without emphasizing the feminine curves were increasingly in demand. The preferred style of clothing was as androgynous and boyish as possible. A good example of this is the typical Charleston dress.

Simply with cloche

The 1920s also stood for numerous parties. So it was tried to leave the stressful time behind. The desired simplicity of clothing was also noticeable on the hats. These became increasingly smaller and snuggled close to the head of the women. The hats were also called cloche. Cloche comes from the French and means bell.

The hats were combined with the typical haircut, a short bobbed head. This became known primarily through Coco Chanel. The women of the 1920s strived for freedom and independence. An androgynous style should successfully support you in this. So men’s clothing was in high demand. This was also evident in the popular Marlene trousers. This was best combined with a white shirt. Critical voices, which the male style considered inappropriate, were present until the 1960s.

Which statement was made with the 20s fashion?

After the First World War, people wanted to leave bad times behind. The right to vote for women also brought some changes. Flattergirls want to enjoy life to the fullest. In addition to extravagant parties with alcohol, cigarettes and hours of dance evenings, the focus was on self-confident women in an androgynous style. The 20s dress had to take this attitude into account and look accordingly.

One did not rule out the other in 20s fashion. During the day, women were dressed in Marlene trousers, braces and extravagant lace-up shoes. In the evening life was enjoyed in a Charleston dress with feather boa. The 20s stood for pure joie de vivre. The motto: forget bad times and enjoy life to the fullest.

1920s fashion for men

Knickers and knee-breeches

In any case, the male fashion of the 20s has changed. At the beginning, the men wore slim, cut trousers. The silhouette resembles an hourglass figure. The hips and shoulders are roughly at the same level, while the jacket corresponded to the natural waistline. The overall picture should look as symmetrical as possible. Another feature: high buttons on the jacket.

Over the years, the shoulders grew wider and the waist of the jacket shifted down. While suit pants are usually provided with an envelope, knickers and knee-breeches were a typical feature.

The pants should allow as much legroom as possible. So they could also be worn for sporting activities. Another feature: all pants were on the actual waist of the man. This should visually lengthen the legs.

The suit

Today the suit is mostly associated with formal occasions or businessmen. At that time it was part of everyday life. In order to better distinguish the suits that were worn during the day from the evening suits, bright colors were preferred during the day. The suit was mostly combined with hats. Straw hats and felt hats were particularly popular. The tuxedo was very popular in the evening wear. This was primarily worn for black tie occasions. The tailcoat was more suitable for white-tie occasions. The 20s fashion for men is generally very chic and gentlemanly.


As already mentioned, hats were very trendy. In their free time they mostly used flat caps. These were also ideal for hard, physical work. In any case, the classic braces were an indispensable accessory. Belts were rather sporty and predominantly worn for work purposes. Suits are usually combined with fine braces.

1920s fashion for women

Common features

In the following we would like to introduce you to the typical characteristics of 20s fashion for women:

• Pearl necklaces
• The most popular shoe: Mary-Janes
• The trend hairstyle, water wave
• Flapper dress or Gatsby dress (with low waist)
• Embellishments such as fringes and sequins on dresses
• Extravagant eye make-up (e.g. Smokey Eyes)
• Accessories such as cigarette holders, hair bands, feather boa
• Low-fitting hat with brim (cloche)

The 20s dress, feminine and androgynous at the same time

Fringe dresses and hangers

The desire for freedom of women was also evident in social life. Celebration and drinking were very popular. The 20s dresses were worn up to the knee and the hair cut into a cheeky and short bobbed head.

The look should look as sporty, cheeky and confident as possible. This style is also known as androgynous and still distinguishes some fashion chains today. Breast and waist should be emphasized as little as possible. Straight-cut hanging dresses were ideally suited for this. Swinging fringes on the hem should cleverly conceal the female curves. A flat breast and a narrow silhouette became the ideal of beauty. Since not every woman was blessed with such a physique, attempts were made to use any aids. Hip shapers and corresponding underwear should skilfully hide existing curves.

shirt dresses

Shirt dresses were also extremely popular. These are cut at knee length for as much legroom as possible. The Peter Pan collar on the dress looks childish and boyish at the same time.

The Charleston dress

Like most dresses from the 20s, the Charleston dress is cut knee-length. There is no waist here either. The hanger dress is named after the dance of the same name. The Charleston dress is an indispensable feature of the flapper fashion of the 20s. The goal was to get as much movement and legroom as possible during the dance. Since the dress was very short, especially for tall women, it was skilfully concealed with fringes on the hem. In addition, the fringes should distract from the female silhouette.

Most of the clothes consisted of fringes and ribbons. The fringes were applied in several layers. That had a particularly nice effect on the dance floor.

Flapper dress

A flapper dress means particularly short 20s dresses and skirts that were mostly worn with a cheeky short haircut. Flapper means nothing but flutter. The women wanted to look as cheeky as possible with these dresses. Flapper fashion is known for provocative, drinking, smoking and heavily made-up women. The countless fringes caused the clothes to flutter on every dance floor.

Gatsby dress

The Gatsby dress is also a typical dress from the 20s. Short-cut dresses combined with a feather boa and pearl necklaces should express the joie de vivre of women and made the 20s fashion perfect. The goal: leave the terrible past behind and spend the evening in a great fringe dress on the dance floor. Sequins are also a typical feature of Great Gatsby dresses. A glamorous appearance is guaranteed with this dress.

The Gatsby dresses have a particularly great cut. The style elements make for an absolute eye-catcher on the dance floor. They vibrate with every movement and give you absolute legroom. The dresses are cut short and are extended by the beautiful fringes. The 20s dress looks elegant at the same time due to the numerous pearls, sequins and fringes. You can also wear the dress for festive occasions such as weddings. Of course, it is also ideal for any themed parties.

What do the perfect 20s shoes look like??

Men shoes

The men’s shoes of the 20s are also known as Mafia shoes or Al Capone shoes. The typical colors were black and white. The shoes were also worn regularly in the music industry.

The shoes are made of two-tone leather and are usually very elaborate. Ideal for a particularly elegant outfit with a suit.

Women’s Shoes

The typical women’s shoe of the 20s is the Mary Jane shoe. This is a medium pump with a clip and strap over the instep. The strappy pumps can be ideally combined with skirts and dresses. Women who preferred Marlene pants preferred high or flat lace-up shoes. These were also often worn in a two-tone design.

The accessories of the 20s match the Charleston dress

Of course, accessories were by no means missing in the 20s fashion. No matter if bell hats, pearl necklaces or long cigarette holders.

Noble coats were also often combined with a 20s dress. Shirt dresses are still very popular today. You can also combine them with sneakers or boots and make a great change in style.

Regardless of whether it was a bubble cut or a water wave, the hairstyles were combined with cheeky hair bands, decorated with sequins and feathers. The pearl necklace was an indispensable accessory in any case. The dresses were also often combined with long gloves and an extravagant fur collar. Apart from the pearl necklace, no other jewelry was often used. The clothes are already sufficiently embroidered with fringes, stones and pearls. Those who did not wear a pearl necklace often combined the Charleston dress with a feather boa.

1920’s hairstyle and makeup


A large number of women wanted to skilfully embody the male look with a short haircut. The cheeky bob head was ideal for this. If you didn’t want to do without long hair, put it elegantly in water waves.

Would you also like to style your hair with a water wave? To do this, you need to put your wet hair in waves with big clips. A deep side parting should not be missing.

Make up

The make-up was also as extravagant as possible. Narrow eyebrows, dark lips and smokey eyes are typical identifying features of the 20th century. An extremely light powdered face was also part of the common ideal of beauty. You can make up the look just fine. You need an eyebrow pencil, a lip liner, the darkest possible lipstick and a matting powder. The eye products should be chosen in smoky colors.

How to style yourself in the style of the 20s

The fashion of the 20s should look as dramatic as possible. Glitter sequins are part of the grand appearance. Extravagant jackets, bags and fur stoles can be perfectly combined with a 20s dress.

Of course, you can’t do without matching accessories such as long gloves, a bell hat and pearl necklaces. Your hairstyle should also be tailored to the outfit. A short cut bob head or a water wave are ideal for this. You can also feel great about the film scene to inspire to let. Movies like "The Great Gatsby" are a must. "Moulin Rouge" also gives you some inspiration. Even well-known designers are inspired by films in their work.

Why is the 20s fashion again very topical today?

The strong, independent woman is definitely no longer scandalous today. In times of numerous women’s rights activists, the androgynous style is more in demand than ever. Women want to be taken seriously and take on management positions. Prejudices and unequal salaries for the same work encounter the women’s movement. An androgynous style still helps women to be taken seriously today. Fashion chains like C.O.S exemplify this androgynous style.

But also the longing for the glamorous life of the 20s remains, which is why the 20s fashion is again on the rise with us. The clothes and dances of the golden age are more in demand than ever. Theme parties in Twenties style are very popular. Dance schools are increasingly offering courses in "swing dancing". In our stressful and performance-oriented everyday life, the scandalous and exhilarating lifestyle is an ideal balance for many people.

When and where can you wear a 20s dress?

No matter if carnival, theme parties or festive occasions a 20s dress is suitable for many occasions. If you don’t want to appear in your dress, you can also choose chic suits and Marlene pants. Flapper and Charelston dresses are usually knee length. For a glamorous appearance, the dress should be decorated with sequins, pearls and fringes. Marlene pants with braces are in no way inferior to a unique appearance.

You can complete the costume with pearl necklaces, feather boas and hair bands. If it’s a formal occasion, you should keep the accessories simple. Feather boas are less suitable for this.

Men can also style themselves in the style of the 20s for theme parties but also weddings or other family occasions. A pinstripe suit with a tie or bow tie perfectly reflects the 20s and is by no means covered. For theme parties, it can also be a little more extravagant. In this case, the suit may go with a hat or cylinders can be combined. Combined with a walking stick, you cause a sensation. The 20s fashion is extremely chic and elegant at the same time and can be worn on a variety of occasions.

The 20s costume

The 20s are of course ideal for any costume party. Whether extravagant swing dress with feather boa or wide Marlene pants, the selection is large.

20s Charleston costume for women

Of course, the 20s dresses are also suitable as a Charleston costume. Showgirl costumes look feminine and seductive at the same time. The flapper dresses reach just above the knee and fall loosely to the middle of the shinbee. Skirt parts are usually set in different colors. The individual layers of fabric and the long fringes are ideal for hours of lively dancing at every costume party. Most of the dresses are also provided with asymmetrical cuts. That means the hem falls significantly shorter on one side. This increases the focus on the legs. If you want to provoke especially, you can also go as a burlesque show girl. A strapless corset dress ideally highlights your shoulders.

Of course you can also dress up as a mafia bride. Marlene pants with chic suspenders combined with a simple shirt and lace-up pumps are just the thing for this.

1920s costume for men

Men also like to wear a costume from the 20s. Black pants and a light shirt combined with an extravagant tailcoat are just the thing. The tailcoat reaches to the waist at the front and ends in two dovetails at the back. A tie or bow tie in a similar color completes your outfit perfectly. Even a guy can dress up like a mafia boss. You best embody this with a black and white pinstripe suit. You can top off the outfit with a pocket square and fine lace-up shoes. This is how you embody the epitome of 20s fashion.

Kids Costume

Of course, the children’s costumes should not be missing. Glittering fringe dresses in bright colors like purple, blue and pink are very popular with little girls. Which girl would not like to really dance on the dance floor? A black suit is great for the cheeky boys. Costume weapons are the right accessory.

Tips for perfect styling

We would like to give you a few tips for perfect styling in the 20s style. The 20s Oufit lives in any case from sufficient jewelry and the right make-up, you should pay attention to this:

Accessories: Accessories should never be missing. For example, you can use stockings with decorative stitching here. If it is a bit cooler outside, you can cover your arms with gloves.

Make up: The costume make-up should ideally be kept in shades like gray.
Necklaces: The style of the 20s is luxurious. A fluffy feather boa or long pearl necklace shouldn’t be missing here. You can also tie a knot in the chain if it is too long for you otherwise.

Hair: You don’t want to cut your hair or do a water wave? Then a wig with a bobbed head cut might be just the thing. It saves you a lot of time and patience.

Headdress: Men can put on an extravagant hat or top hat. The Trilby is typical of the 20s. It is a gangster hat with a brim. Flappergirls can put on glittering hair bands. They run over the forehead and are decorated with pearls and feathers. If you don’t want to wear a hair band, you can also wear a hat decorated with pearls.


The 20s fashion is bursting with joie de vivre and extravagance. Whether short fringe dresses with feather boa, chic Marlene trousers with braces or gangster boss in a pinstripe suit. The fashion is varied and ideally suited for men and women. The clothing does not have to be worn only for theme parties. Combined with simple accessories, the fashion of the 20s is also suitable for festive occasions such as weddings. As a typical 1920s dress, the Charleston dress should definitely be considered. You can hardly go wrong with that. We hope you enjoyed this little insight and you will find your absolute favorite model.


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