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April 17, 2018 — by MCutts0

2019 hairstyles for women over 50 are already a reality. We often encounter tendencies dictated by youth, but fashion is suitable for everyone. Therefore, we have prepared trendy hairstyles for women over 50. Hairstyles for middle-aged women do not differ much, but must be selected competently. You should consider nuances that emphasize the benefits of your face and hair structure. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid elements so that you look older. We will inform you about these secrets based on the 2019 hair trends.

Read our article «2019 for women over 50: how to stay stylish and trendy».

2019 hairstyles for women over 50: medium and long options

The most recommended hairstyles for women over 50 are short. But if you like longer options and healthy hair, why not?

  • 2019 hair trends allow for several options, including 80 th style voluminous layers. It is a good idea to remember your rebellion youth, give vibrant thin hair and be particularly fashionable!

  • Another trend of the disco era, which you can keep with adult-free natural curls. But don’t overdo heat styling – it harms the hair too much! Such hairstyles for middle-aged women are ideal for thick African hair owners.

  • All layered haircuts are made for you! Combine them with a hair contour for an optimal result. Think of the main styling rule: lines that face the face make this part thinner, have dropped out – bigger ones.
  • Make elegant classic hairstyles with wavy hair, voluminous buns and braids.

  • Long bangs look fresh and emphasize their fine taste!

Hairstyles for middle-aged women: short options

Short hairstyles for women over 50 remain popular for practical reasons. But of course we will pay attention to the trends for beauty and 2018! Let’s see what’s hot this season.

  • Long bob and long side bangs accentuate your eyes. Such a picture is very delicate and fresh. Bob doesn’t look "tough", old fashioned like in the 60s th! Add feathers, slight asymmetry, and some pointy strands – such hairstyles for middle-aged women Let almost 10 years look younger.

  • Spiky strands with the right coloring make the hair look joyful and emphasize the beauty of the face.

  • Don’t make whiskers and microbangs too short if it doesn’t fit you 100%! It visually adds age to everything.
  • Braided bangs look very pretty and adapt to the trends of 2019. Make them brave if the length allows it.

Hair trends 2019: color choice after 50

In women over 50 years, color almost plays the main role in hairstyles! We usually read about so many taboos … Are they really that dangerous? We don’t think so! Everything is individual. So if you have any doubts and want to wear “forbidden” color, you should get good advice. Or do a simple test – find the textile with the desired color and bring it close. Look critically – has it made your face more beautiful or accented mistakes? If you have the first case, try the color of your dreams!

  • Keep in mind that the color of gray hair can be lighter than in the catalog. And it washes faster. You should rather use special products for it.
  • Rock your completely gray hair! It is included in 2019 hairstyles for women over 50 trends. This is how your young friends suffer from aggressive bleaching in order to obtain refined silver tones. So-called fashionable granny hair, however, is not really gray. You need a good gentle tone to exclude brass. Or use special shampoos for grey hair with very soft bluish pigment. Be sure trendy silver hair adorn any hairstyle worthy for women over 50!

  • Do you sometimes have gray hair? Perhaps soft highlights or dark colors are hidden better than monotonous coloring. By the way, flashing highlights make the styling appear airy and you – younger.

  • Stylists often do not recommend dark colors after 50, just look at these elegant ladies!

  • Who said it’s not time to light dye? Here we only see another myth! Skirt with cool, bright colors that look harmonious with your eye and skin color.

Hopefully our article «2019 for women over 50: How to stay stylish and trendy» has shown you that beauty has no age limits!


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