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Curly hair is a type of hair that usually lasts short. Women with curly short hair can get a lot out of their hair by taking a look at the trends of 2018. Casual cuts in which the curls have a tousled style, but with a defined wave, as we said earlier. If you have a lot more classic we also have cuts for you for curly hair. A good choice is combing everything backwards a renewed trend that we can call retro and favors the face of Women and offers an elegant and simple touch, perfect for any occasion or event.

If you want to remember a natural bob haircut with curly hair, you can always go to a professional because the straight is not the same as the curly head. This type of cut for curly hair should always be cut, dried and done by a professional who knows how to work with curly hair, designing the bob style haircut. If you dare with the bob if you have curly hair, you will surely regret it.

Curly hair with toupee
This is elegant and very easy to maintain. A cut where the head is left very clear, and the top and front with their own waves. A very chic look is achieved in this way.

Classic style curly hair
For those who like the classic style of curls. Hairstyles back with shape and creating waves when you get together. It is a very demanding one and elegant Note you can take to the parties.

Bob style curly hair
Many are afraid of the bob style because they think they will end up with a bad hairstyle, too tall and misshapen. If you are a stylist, we do not insure you because if you cut it as it should be dry and with well-shaped curls, you will get an effect like this.

Very short, curly hair
Short hair is very comfortable to wear and is much more flattering than we think. We just have to cut it short, taking the top part a little longer and combing it aside so that it is volume and can do whatever you want.

Curly hairstyle
It’s daring for most and wants to get a completely different touch to its long and curly mane. A great combination is to do it with a shaved side on one or two. It will make you very comfortable, and it will be as if your curls, on the other hand, fall like a waterfall.

Curly hair pin up style
Very feminine, with waves and curls very clearly and also, in addition to large ones, making it a feminine shape. With just combing it on one side, highlighting the curls and lifting up the front area, you get a funny pin-up style.

Curly hair with bangs
Some believe the bangs will go away and give the face a strange touch. But if you know how to do it and cut it dry and what’s a line from the front, you’ll achieve a very distinctive and attractive style.


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