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Summer could be the hottest season in terms of weddings. Whether you are the bride, maid of honor or even a simple guest, marriage is definitely an opportunity for elegance and style. Since the shops are filled with beautiful summer clothes, you have to think of something else: the hair on your head. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it. There are numerous breathtaking and fun ways to play your short locks. It just has a little bit of creativity.

1. Flowered hairstyles for short hair: wedding hairstyle with bra > Flowered hair / via

Nothing says summer like flowers, and this adorable look is really a creative game on that summer feeling!

Adorable pixie / via

A cute pixie cut similar to this is dealing with its own!

3. Messy bob

The same applies to this playfully elegant bob!

4. Flower ribbon

This adorable flower band is cute and youthful.

5. Flower crown for short bob hair

I mean, come on, who says that only the flower girl should get flowers? Law?

6. Twisted Rope Bra >

Twisted rope braid / via

Simple and beautiful, this look is sure to stunning.

7. Volume wins: wedding hairstyles with bangs

This voluminous do offers the illusion of an ups without actually having one!

8. Twisted hair

This wonderfully twisted hair offers a certain elegance and remains casual.

9. Jeweled headband

A headband like this one person is beautifully complex.

10. Simple clip

A simple clip similar can look similar!

11. Glam band

Basically, short hair is all about great accessories.

12. Flower bun

A pretty flower can dress up any look.

13. Elaborate headband

Words cannot describe the wonder and simplicity of this look.

14. Another fancy headband

Do you feel a common topic? Yes. Headbands are lifesavers.

15. Fixed curls

These curls are glamorous and perfect for a large and formal wedding.

16. 1920s inspired

A tribute to the past, this look is similar to the wild 20s years.

17. Spring clip

This spring clip is chic and provocative. Perfect for a statement!

18. Noble headband

Sweet and simple, this is the perfect attempt to find an outdoor wedding.

19. Pearl clip

This subtle clip offers just enough to pull your outfit together.

20. Simple rose

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a rose.


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