20 best medium length wavy hairstyles – hairstyles 2020 new hairstyles and hair colors

Medium wave hairstyles are the >medium long hair like a structured curve or beach waves.

Part of these casual hairstyles can be done effectively without the use of hot devices with a few braids and elastic groups. exquisite Vintage-Waves are tasteful and instantly bring your hair to star status.

A selection of strategies can be used to achieve waves. of curvy rolls, curling irons, braids or with a spirit level or a curling iron. Regardless of your style, you can surely make an impression with one of these medium wave hairstyles!

1. Medium wavy hairstyle

We appreciate how this cut looks exceptional with regular waves or straight hair. It is extremely adaptable. Medium wave hair provides packages to work with so many blends.


2. Medium length cocoa brown color wavy hairstyle

Our favorite thing about this look is that it can very well be that way messy or tastefully, depending on the need, depending on the event. I actually like my waves a little messier as this is just my style and I don’t think I match straight hair.

3. Wavy shoulder length hairstyle

We are a huge enthusiast of the Bob haircut in any length. This look is particularly youthful, cool, advanced and exceptionally feminine. We think every woman should definitely get a haircut once in her life! Whether short, medium or long, it will definitely be a fashionable and immortal haircut that makes us look more youthful.

Our preferred characteristic of this praise is that it is the >wavy style and the bangs pleasantly outlines your face in every way. In the meantime, if you have an extraordinary event, you can look exceptionally unique and yet rich, by doing she her Change hairstyle. There are so many possibilities!


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