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Prom. It is the penultimate experience of high school. It’s goodbye what you know and hello to the unknown. It’s a transition night in the lives of teenagers around the world. It’s a night to keep in mind and everyone wants to do their utmost. You chose your dress and decided on your make-up. All that is left is you hair. If you’re something like me, getting the right hairstyle for the rest you have can be stressful. Especially when You short Have hair. It may feel like the choices are limited, but trust me, they are not.

1. Voluminous part

Some volume, huge curls, and an intense part are a simple hairstyle that gives the illusion of an updo without really being one.

2. Perfect curls

Nothing says imagination like perfect curls! Make sure it stays simple with that specific look.

3. Stunning headbands

Dress it up with a stunning headband that complements your outfit.

4. Simple clip

A simply beautiful clip and some curls can go well too

5. Vintage inspired

Go for a vintage look with rolling curls and fabulous accessories.

6. Beautiful pin

For short hair, the secret is in bobby pins. Pin the hair for the breathtaking look that is certainly simple and effective.

7. Half to half

Transform a classic hairstyle by adding formal curls and a nifty twist.

8. Bra >

Braid / via

If in doubt, add braids! This braided ribbon is breathtaking in its pure simplicity.

9. Simplicity

Speaking of simplicity, this look defines your message. Your own hair doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Sometimes less is much more.

10. Braided rear snow >

Braided undercut / via

But if you opt for a more classy look, this hairstyle will be right for you!

11. thin headband

A thin headband and a magnificent volume? Yes, please.

12. Finger curls

Taylor Swift shows us how one Hollywood style in vintage style: finger curls.

13. Natural volume

All right, it may not be natural, but it can still look like this. Too much gel can kill most pixie hairstyles. Make sure the product looks natural and fresh for best results.

14. A look from the past

Note this 20s inspired look! The trends of the past decades could be exactly what you need.

15. A complex beauty

A bit more complex, this look is equally breathtaking.

16. Smooth and smooth

It’s not just about volume and curls. This elegant look is as glamorous as the calm.

17. Elegantly stowed

A really unique look that is breathtaking in its own way.

18. Simple bun

However, there is nothing wrong with a sweet bun. You can also play it with a few trendy twists.

19. Thick braids

Thick French braids, twisted into a bun or some kind. It’s just beautiful.

20. Swept away

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a thing you can feel breathtaking with.


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