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by omermuhtarPublished 6 September 2018Updated 31 October 2018

The secret to making your curly locks look beautiful is to get them right.

Unfortunately, not all of us have our own private hair stylists to do our hair every day. With its undefined coily strands, dryness, frizzy tangles and itchy scalp, curly hair doesn’t seem manageable. But with the right care and styling, your curls can look like a dream.

Wait a second! Before we get into the best hairstyles for curly hair, there’s one more thing you need to look into. It is extremely important that you choose hairstyles that Your face shape flatter. Here is a guide that will help you with that.

How to choose a curly hairstyle according to your face shape

  • If you have one have a round face , it is important that your face appears longer than it is. Try hairstyles that give your face more height, such as B. the top nodes.
  • Try layered hairstyles if you have one have a square face, since they will soften the corners of your face.
  • Short edgy hairstyles look up diamond-shaped faces well, since they point to your forehead and cheeks rather than your chin line.
  • Literally all hairstyles look good oval faces .
  • Try hairstyles with bangs – like domed side-swept bangs – if you have one have a heart-shaped face and want to make your forehead look smaller.
  • Because the forehead is the widest part the shape of the inverted triangle you should wear bangs to remove the focus from it.
  • Full long hair with thick curls is on the triangular face shape look stunning. Try layered bobs, fringe bangs, choppy layers, and long layered hair.
  • Layered haircuts with side bangs look up long facesbreathtaking .
  • If you have a high forehead, the full side swept bangs are the way to go. Try hairstyles that take the focus off your forehead. Instead, focus on your cheekbones and chin line. Praise with thick bangs works well here.
  • If you have a short forehead, consider long blunt hairstyles. You can also try side bangs that make the cheeks look smaller. Try hairstyles with bouffants as they face up to height Add.

Aside from your face shape, your curl type also plays an important role in the types of hairstyles that suit you. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of curls.

Types of curls

All humans are not created equal, and the same can be said about curls. There are different types of curls, from 2A (slightly wavy) to 4C (tightly curled curls).


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