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July 15, 2018 — by MCutts0

15 short hairstyles for thick hair to see, amazing

If you have congenital, thick hair, you have to be envied by many women worldwide.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with the problem of loose hair or lack of volume in different hairstyles. Most of the time, if you have thick hair, the length can cause the problem of feeling heavy. In this case, make it short anyway. Don’t forget to ask your hairdresser about the best hairstyle in your hair. There are many hairstyles for thick and short hair like brown blonde bob or short saucy bob or any pixie or bob cut. So, try the easiest way to make your thick hair easy to handle and that’s clipping it. If you have short hair, you will get as many positive options as easy to use, less time spent, looking younger than ever, and so on. Here, in this article, you will check out some spectacular short hairstyles for thick hair for yourself. Choose the best one for you based on the texture and volume of your hair. Now enjoy some big eye candy with these beautiful stunning hairstyles and splurge.

Brunette pixie haircut

In brunette pixie hairstyle you will show your high cheekbones and full lips. The delicate asymmetry of this cut will add even more mystery to this look. This hairstyle is very simple, but super cool. The longer hair of the front part can be arranged correctly by the hair dryer. To get the finished look, you can leave it indiscriminately. Use any textured cream and your finger to set it up properly.

Short bob with bangs

In short Bob with Bangs hairstyle is best for girls with oval or "V" shaped faces. This popular twiggy haircut is a great mix of pixie and bob hairstyle. The hair of the front parts is short, with side-swept bangs and longer in the back and in the surrounding part of the ears. This look is perfect for any occasion. You too can make this appearance look classy on a daily basis.

Short blonde layered haircut

Pixie is a new Trendsetter in the world of hairstyle for women of all ages. This particular hairstyle will make you look more cute and younger than ever. In this style, the front and side swept part of the hair will be longer. But the side and back will have less hair. To get the finished look, you can try coloring your hair with blonde, which gives you a stunning look. This helps you manage both time and hair easily.

Short haircut with long bangs

If you have medium wavy hair with short hair then you have to try this hairstyle to look stunning. In this hairstyle, the front will have longer hair that you can place on the side. This side long bangs will add more beauty to your look. Woman with an oval face can try this hairstyle. The other side of the long bangs and the The back of the head will have short hair. Correct eye make-up and a medium dark lip color complete the look perfectly.

Pixie haircut for thick hair

Pixies are very “in” in the fashion world. This particular hairstyle is the best for the girls with short and thick hair. If you have longer hair, it will be very difficult to hold the elves, and in some wrong places it will be messy, which will ruin the whole look. Black is the color that most closely matches the look. If you try for this look, you will surely feel the differences in a short time. From all the blocky and heavy hair, it becomes airy chick locks. You can have more than one in your ears for the best look.

Short wavy hairstyles for thick hair

Are you bored with your long wavy and thick hair? Then that’s it! Just cut your hair off! These days, most women stay broke all day and long hair is a big problem for them. This hairstyle not only gives you a younger look, but also makes you feel free and less heavy. You get even hair throughout the hair.

Pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs

This middle side part and the asymmetry of this cut give this style a modern look. It is very suitable and flattering for the women with thick and fine hair. You will be able to grind your facial features nicely while having hair around your face. The front part will be a little longer and the back and side parts will have less hair. Women with sharp facial features and an oval-shaped face can opt for this look.

Funky short hairstyle with undercut

If you want to age gracefully but still want to look great like you did then you can try this hairstyle. If you have an oval or "v" shaped face with sharp features, you can wear this look well. This funky hairstyle with thick and short hair can be a cup of tea from women of all ages. In this style, the hair on the front and top will be long with long fringes. But the side and back part will be very short with the undercut hairstyle. You can of course keep your hair gray to show off the stunning look.

Messy blonde pixie haircut

Short haircut for messy hair does not always require straight hair. It can also be almost straight or wavy hair. If you have thick hair that’s good enough, you can still do a short haircut. You will have the same hair in your head. The front part will have a lot of hair. If you have blond hair, of course, then you have to go for it, or you can dye it too.

Angled bob haircut with side swept bangs

If you have straight hair then angled bob haircut is best for you. You can cut the hair long in the front and the back shorter. Women with thick and straight hair can opt for it. The straight bangs give it a perfect touch-up to complete the look. You can also apply a side-swept bangs to show off the look nicely.

Brown pixie haircut with green highlights

This short hairstyle is just perfect for thick women hair. It will help spice up your look and life. Ask your hairdresser about long fringes and the layer for the middle back. The lower part asks for an almost shaved and undercut hairstyle. You can dye your hair with brown for an exceptional look. If you are brave enough, you can also try out some green highlights to draw attention to the fashion world.

Short bob with undercut

Most middle-aged women are bored with the same and usual looks. So if you go through the same phase, then you have to try to kill that look. In this prominent hairstyle, you have more hair on the middle part and in the front part. But on the bottom side you’ll have an undercut to look completely different than ever and everyone else. You can try to highlight your hair for a better look.

Edgy undercut pixie cut

This style is perfect for the girls with very less hair who really don’t want heavy and long hair. Since it provides very little hair, you have to be very brave to wear it properly. The middle and front part have a lot of thick and angular hair. But both the sides and the back will have an undercut to get the right look. A woman with a long and oval face can opt for it.

Purple ombre faux hawk pixie

You can say that this hairstyle is youthful, repulsive, creative or cool and never fails to impress everyone. If you’re brave enough to wear this faux hawk look, you can try out how to dye your hair purple. It will make you look unique from everyone. In this style, you have ample and thick hair on the top part and the side part will have an undercut or will be perfectly trimmed with a razor. To complement your look, you can always wear out-of-the-box accessories in your ears or nose

A line of bob with highlights

To try an extremely new look you can go for this bob cut called a line bob hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you will have long hair on both sides, but on the back it will be long to the bottom of your neck. To get a perfect look, you can highlight your hair with bright colors.


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