13 The most popular hairstyles for reception

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, there are always a variety of ways to play. You can try slim hairstyles or curly ones, decorate your hair with flowers or even play with some colorful accessories. There are a variety of reception hairstyles options to choose from and try for your own wedding or even if you are attending someone else`s reception.

Indian reception hairstyles for brides:

Here is a list of our top 13 Hairstyles for receptions.

1. Using flower accessories for a bun:

You can go with one of the bun hairstyles for the reception like this. If you have short or medium bangs on the sides, you can sweep them on one side to make it even better. A simple bun might look a bit boring, so the best choice with floral accessories is Accessorize. Real flowers in particular can look great for a bun hairstyle.

2. Pops and layers:

A simple hairstyle can sometimes go a long length and give you the look you want. If you have the habit of keeping your hair tied and tidy all the time, then for a reception let your curls flow freely and get everyone`s attention. A good haircut with bangs and layers can do for you! Yes, you can definitely use this as one of the bridal hairstyles for the reception.

3. Loose big curls:

Loose big curls are the most preferred Indian reception hairstyles. You can use your large barrel curlers or Velcro curlers and blow dryers. After you reach the curls, you can use a hair fix spray that will hold them.

4. Bouffant bun:

If you have your own or a friend`s reception in the summer then this can be a good one idea his. You will need some helping hands and bumpits. A hair band or hair accessory can add an edge to the hairstyle.

5.Twisted vintage buns:

This is another great hairstyle that you can get done with the help of a good hairdresser. Show him / her the picture and have it done perfectly for your reception. Some flower crystal studded hair accessory will add an additional benefit to this hairstyle.

6.Loose wavy hairstyle:

This is another nice hairstyle. You can easily achieve this with the help of large curlers, a paddle brush to brush these curls out in waves and a fixative spray.

7. Twisted bun with round bangs wrapped:

The twisted bun can be easy to get yourself wrapped up, but you may be wondering how to get the flawless bangs wrapped around plastic. Trust me, it`s just. Get a quick bang out of the salon cut because you need bangs for this hairstyle. Sweep these bangs on one side and make them stay there with hair gel. When the hair dries gel, use some fixing spray to keep the entire design.

8. Messy Twisted Garnished Buns:

This is a super cute hairstyle and looks even nicer with some bad luck perfect hair accessories. Try this out. It’s really easier than it looks. Make sure you have long hair for this hairstyle. If you have medium length hair but still want to try this out then you can use some wrong hair extensions.

9. Front bangs and flower accessories:

This is one of the easy reception hairstyles to do. You will have to go with a flower crystal studded hair band with it and some nice symmetrical front bangs. Leaving the hair flowing on the back or in a bun is all your choice.

10.Twisted curly hairstyle:

A good layer and popped haircut is necessary for this hairstyle. On the back you can take parts of the hair and give twists and glue them in a bun. Small bumpits will come in handy for this hairstyle.

11. Modernized rolls:

The bun itself has a new face to see as it moves from the top back of the head down to the left / right. This look combines modern with traditional still keeping the gloss ratio intact.

Now a modern bride may have a hairstyle to remember while still keeping the hair out of her gorgeous face. The simple rolls can be twisted and twisted in modern versions with twisted strands, unique accessories and special highlights.

12.Tiara look:

Some brides have also tried the tiara hairstyle, either to create a braid with the concept of a tiara on the head, or with accessories that have a sheen with the tiara. The result is an impressive look that really stands out from regular customers.

13. Decorative pieces:

Things used to decorate the hair have also gone up a notch – from simple fresh roses or jasmine to exotic varieties like the orchid, the modern bridal hairstyles seem to have no limit.

For decorating even the simplest hairstyles, pearls and other semi-precious stones can be used. Focus has shifted from heavy ornaments to more royal varieties leaner. The modern bridal hairstyle is all about elegance and glamor, ensuring focus stays on the bride’s face.

Just a few additional tips to see and feel like a diva on your wedding day:

  • Opt for dress rehearsals so you know how to manage your hairstyle
  • Make sure you wear some extra embellishments for all last minute touchups.

Hope this modern Hairstyles for brides also helps you look beautiful and perfect on your D-Day. Are you planning to try them out? You comment and tell us.


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