12 fashion mistakes that make you look older

We make many mistakes in our pursuit of beauty. And instead of looking younger, we look older than we would like. Let’s see what are the most common clothes mistakes that make you look like grandma, but also how we can fix them!

# 1. You only wear black

The black color is universal, it can be combined with any other color and it slims the figure. But as you age, your skin becomes paler. For this reason, there is a strong contrast between the skin and the fabric that highlights wrinkles, age spots and bags under the eyes.

To weaken this effect, wear a scarf, necklace or shiny accessory. We also recommend replacing the classic shades with neutral, pastel or cream shades.

# 2. You’re hiding

Oversized clothes, which in theory should hide the imperfections of your figure, have the opposite effect in practice. Oversize clothes make you look bulkier and lack expressiveness. As a result, you can look older. Our advice is to wear the right size clothes.

# 3. The length of your dress increases

It all depends on your preferences and the condition of your body. If you can show off beautiful knees and thin legs, why not wear a skirt over the knee. After all, all you do is show off your beauty.

# 4. Wear a bra that is too wide or too tight

The wrong size makes you look older and is dangerous to your health. As breast size changes due to weight changes and hormonal imbalances, you should buy a new bra every 6-8 months. A chic look starts with beautiful lingerie.

# 5. Wear jeans that are too tight

Of course, jeans should be comfortable, but 2-3% of the elastic fibers in their composition is enough. See the label for the percentage of elastane, lycra or spandex. The stretched jeans flapping beneath his heel hadn’t yet rejuvenated anyone.

# 6. You’re wearing glasses that are too big

The frame of the glasses plays an important role in creating the image. Dark and thick frames emphasize wrinkles and bags under the eyes. In contrast, translucent frames reflect light and distract from wrinkles. With age, the frames must be as thin and as small as possible.

# 7. You’re wearing sweaters

Classic sweaters look too conservative and will inevitably get old. The outfit can be diluted with accessories. You can also go for a draped jersey blouse, which looks much more modern and masks waist imperfections.

# 8. You hide your neck

Yes, wrinkles appear on your neck with age, but a high-collared coat does not make you younger, more feminine, more attractive. Wrinkles can be masked with makeup and accessories – a necklace, a pendant, a delicate chain.

# 9. You dress like a teenager

In the pursuit of youth, many women confuse youthful clothing with clothing that rejuvenates. Forget mini skirts, ruffles, short tops, embroidery, inserts, torn jeans and silly prints. Don’t chase trends. It is enough to adjust the tendencies to your own style and your own individuality

# 10. Do not wear shapewear underwear

I wrote above that an elegant look starts with beautiful lingerie. Do not neglect corrective underwear, as it corrects your figure and will help you look slimmer. However, underwear should not be too tight to avoid health problems.

# 11. Wear shoes with thick heels

Thick-heeled shoes make the image look old-fashioned. Choose a more subtle model in which you feel good but which looks modern.

# 12. Wear old-fashioned accessories

Accessories make the difference. Either they visually rejuvenate or make you look older. The decision is yours. In fact, too many accessories are a bad habit.