102 The best shoulder length hairstyles for this season – German style

If you’re looking to change your look with a new cut, then you don’t go wrong with shoulder length hairstyles. They are the most versatile hairstyles that are available to you and they are a classic look that will never go out of style. Not to mention, you can do so many things with you. Shoulder-length styles can be used for both thick and thin hair; the sky is really the limit for these styles. If you decide to cut your hair, it’s like a fresh start. It gives you a feeling of freshness that you really don’t get any other way. It is a fresh start in all areas of your life. Why should we all start over? It is a new one season and we are passionate about life.

Shoulder length hairstyles are a universal style, especially when it comes to people who have thin hair. It’s a really good style for you. There are many different cool styles that you can use with a shoulder-length haircut. There are braids and braids, as well as many different updos. Below are 102 of the best shoulder length hairstyles for this season:

  1. Blonde bombshell

This layered bob gives you some nervousness about your look. You can’t go wrong with this style, it’s very sexy. The side swept bang adds volume as does the rest of the highlights. This is a great summer look.

2. Curling hair

If you love to curl your hair or have naturally curly hair, then you are sure to love this style. It has a side swept bang which is very nice. The waves in this style really complete the whole look as the hair on your shoulders.

3. Carrie Underwood

This country music superstar always knows what great style is and this is a great example of it. She decided to have a simple partial updo for her shoulder length hair.

4. Corkscrew curls

This great shoulder length style is amazing on you. The colors involved with the style are incredible. You can try many different colors or add some curl like here. There are so many ways to style, shoulder length hair.

5. Braided styles

These braids are cute and simple and what a great look for summer. It’s a simple style and that’s the big deal about shoulder length hair, you don’t have to be particularly chic if you don’t want to be.

6. Shorter styles

This style hardly gets on your shoulders and it is very cute indeed. The bangs over your forehead and you got a bit of a wave in your hair.

7. Straight styles

Who needs curly styles with straight hair? It is an amazing look that you are sure to love. Her hair is very thick, making it very loud here.

8. Curly cue

A nice style, rests on your shoulder. These sexy styles are always in style.

9. Chic designs

This is a great look that can be worn for a wedding or a day at the beach. If you like the shorter styles then this shoulder length style is the right fit for you.

10. Long bangs

This style is simple and straight and quite amazing! If you love the style then look no further. The side bang is a little longer than most, but it’s very demanding.

11.Layered look

I love this choppy style because it’s a fo of a kind. The back is a little shorter than the front which gives it a lot of volume.

12. Red and curly

You can never go wrong with red and these curls are about to die. If you need a new style, then try this on for size, you won’t regret it.

13. Breathtaking style

A great style that sits on the shoulders, and oh! Those who lure. It is an amazing style, you are sure to love.

14. Sexy and loose

A shoulder-length haircut has failed. A great style with very loose waves and some cool highlights. This is a great look for summer.

15. Pretty Little Liars

This actress has been sporting shoulder length hair for some time now and she always looks great. She may have a loose wave and it’s always blonde. We cannot get enough of these beautiful curls.

16. Light Blonde

A simple style you will love because of this loose curl. It is a great addition to the haircut and one that is perfect for summer.

17. Classic bob

If you are looking for something classic, then you can’t go wrong with the bob. It is a simple style that you are sure to love. The side swept bang only completes the whole look.

18. Sandra Bullock

This sexy bob looks great on Sandra, she has had shoulder length hairstyles for many years. It looks great in you, that’s why. A simple, straight bob is all you need for a great look.

19.Copper designs

The best thing about this style is the color, these highlights are amazingly amazing what the color is! The back is shorter than the front, in an angled bob. You are sure to love this look no matter what season it is.

20. Sweet styles

This cute style is really amazing and wonderful. There’s a side bang and a lot of loose curls, you can’t get enough of it.

21. In the deep part

A great style that is great for every occasion. I love sharing these deep ones because they offer so much volume.

22. Longer lengths

A great style that is long and flowing. There are many different levels to this style.

23. Beautiful updos

These styles are always so beautiful because of the curls. A shoulder-length haircut is still long enough to be in an updo. This is beautiful and can be worn to hold a formal event.

24. Straight designs

An amazing style, you are sure to love. This straight style is simple but beautiful. If you like no-nonsense hair, this will be the style for you.

25. Dear pony

This is a very stylish look and I could see this in the office because it is very sophisticated. If you want a classy look that also turns heads, look no further than this style.

26. Long waves

A style that you are sure to love because of these loose waves. There is nothing sexier than a style that involves curls.

27. Farrah Vibe

This hairstyle is very reminiscent of the look Farrah Fawcet used to sport in her heyday. It’s classic and sexy, and one you’re sure to want to rock this summer.

28. Multiple Choices

These are all shoulder length beautiful />

29. Deep roots

This shoulder length haircut is all about the color. There are many blonde, but also copper elements to it as well. You are sure to love this look for summer.

30. Shockingly white

I love the color, or the lack of color in this style. It’s a cold look, but one that’s very gorgeous. It’s a simple cut with a simple style. In this case it’s the color that makes it so amazing.

31. Angled bob

The angled bob is a haircut that has never really gone out of style. It’s a great example of how you can make short and long hair all at the same time. If you like this style, then summer is definitely the season to try it.

32. Different shades

Here are four very different styles with very different colors. If you are looking for a shoulder length style then you can’t go wrong with this.

33. Pretty highlights

You can’t go wrong with this pretty style. These highlights are nice and soft.

34. Simple style

If you are looking for a low maintenance style then look no further than this. It’s a simple cut where the length is curved inwards.

35. Curly designs

If you are looking for a style for your next event then you will love this. It is short and curly and would look great at your next event.

36. Choppy style

A style that is choppy and glamorous at the same time. It’s a simple style that sits on your shoulder in a choppy way.

37.Sexy siren

A short style that is very sexy indeed. This is the kind of look that would be great for a pool party or a day at the beach.

38. Fiery Red

This blonde is close to strawberry blonde and that’s wherever you get the fiery look from. It is a simple style that you are sure to love.

39. Elegant design

This angled bob is very smooth indeed. You won’t find a better style than this. There is a level of complexity and grace to this hairstyle that you will love for a long time.

40. Different levels

There are a couple of fairly short layers with this style, give you the added volume it takes. I have a strong love for curls and this is a great style.

41.Side braids

A sexy shoulder-length haircut, has some side braids. This sexy design and give the same look as a side shave without the commitment.

42. Green designs

A shorter style that is over the shoulders but not less awesome. This style has some great color and it’s choppy and edgy.

43.Blonde love

This feathered look has all layers away from the face insitead of the direction. If you like a romantic style than this is for you.

44. Layered designs

Another good example of a layered look that is really nice. This style is a free spirit on its own and a perfect look for summer.

45. High bangs

This straight style is very bad if that’s the kind of look you want. The long bang is really inspiring and it’s a very low maintenance style.

46. ​​Strawberry style

A sleek angled bob that has a style all of your own. An amazing cut that is really on point and have heads turning all night long.

47.Sexy styling

There’s a lot of movement in this style and that’s a great look for summer. It is free flowing and beautiful.

48. Multiple colors

These four styles are all amazing and creative. If you are looking for a shoulder length haircut then you are sure to find something great out of these four designs.

49. High style

A big deep part, that’s great for a night out on the city. It’s short and choppy and a look that’s all about its badass.

50. Long styles

This is one of the more styles available. It is simple and yet very beautiful.

51. Curls for the girls

If you have naturally curly hair and have always wondered what your hair would look like, like a shoulder length style then look no further than these four styles.

52. White Blonde

These layers will frame more of the face. It’s a very straight forward style that is sure to please someone.

53. Cute bob

If you love the bob, then you are sure that you will love this style. I love how the front frames the face.

54. Multiple actions

Four examples of shoulder length hairstyles you will love.

55.Big braid

A good example of a shoulder length style that has a thick braid.

56. Red highlights

A short style that has some rocky highlights.

57. Curly designs

A stunning hairstyle that will entice some amazing.

58. Cinnamon shades

A great style that is short and glamorous.

59. Short and curly

A shoulder-length haircut is all about the waves.

60. Heavy braids

This braid design looks almost alien-like. If you like different designs then you are sure to love this style.

61. Simple love

If you like simple but classic look then you will love this one.

62. Crazy waves

Four very different styles, but all of them are rock, shoulder length look.

63. Black and smooth

This angled bob goes from dark to light.

64. Curling and cute

The competition between brunettes and blondes, the style will win?

65. A little longer

This style is a bit longer than the shoulder of the length, but still pretty.

66. Glamor styles

This style would look great on any event.

67. Fancy hair

A very edgy style that has many choppy layers.

68. Lots of volume

A great look for those who want a lot of volume in their hair.

69. Great look

From straight to curly in no time flat.

70. Beautiful white

Here are some beautiful white colors that would make any girl happy.

71. Stunning Blonde

These sweet layers are all in front and you start pretty short. If you are looking for cool style then look no further than this blonde style.

72. Beautiful color

The best part of this shoulder length style is the bright color. You could wear this color all year round.

73. Cool bangs

This gray style goes from gray-blonde, which is really another look, indeed. The bangs over the forehead to the heavy look.

74. Volume love

This curly style is a great example of a fun look for this summer.

75. Four sexy styles

These are the four sexy ones styles, which will surely put a smile on your face. They are curly and straight and wonderful.

76. Cute bobs

Before and after shows you how to do a simple bob and glam it up pretty easily. This vixen looks like it is on a whole new level.

77.Blonde beauty

This is the perfect look for someone who just wants to have a casual day of shopping.

78.Blonde bouncing

How can we not? love this big and jumping curls. This girl’s hair is absolutely stunning.

79. Red styles

A red style is always fun to try. There are many different colors here that have a lot of dimension in the hair.

80th rock star

If you’ve always dreamed of being a rock star yourself, then you’re sure to love this hairstyle. It has an edgy vibe that everyone is sure to love.

81.Sexy bob

A great style, all about the angle of your hair. This bob is very nice and the coloring is too.

82. Multi-layered

A great style that you are sure to love wherever you go. This style has long layers that see it very differently.

83. Curly and beautiful

A simple style, with some big curls.

84. Bold designs

Four very different styles, but each one has great elements to it.

85. Breathtaking and simple

A simple style is bold and breathtaking.

86. Feathered levels

feathered layers give a romantic and wispy look to it. It’s a soft style, you’re sure to love.

87. Simple and stunning

If you like classic style then you will love this one.

88. Unique looks

Another simple standard design that offers a classic look. If you don’t want something wild, that’s perfectly fine and that’s a cool style for someone who likes to keep things simple.

89. Moving Layers

These choppy layers create a fun new look that would be perfect for the summer months. The style and color is all pretty amazing. You could rock this style of camping this summer or on the beach.

90.Sexy braids

This updo is amazing because of the sexy and unique braid that trails on the back. A shoulder length style is still long enough to use many different styles, including an updo.

91. Shockingly white

A great bob with a classic color. If you like the platinum blondes then you are sure to love this style. This style is sophisticated and I can even see it in the fashion world. This is the type of style you are using in the world.

92. Different bobs

Four very different bobs but each with some pretty amazing elements that you are sure to love. Whether you are smooth or curly, there is a look here for you.

93. Ponytail love

Shoulder length haircuts are still long enough that you can put them in the ponytail.

94. Flyaway curls

These curls look like you’re trying to flyaway from the person. A really unique look that you are sure to love.

95. Shocking designs

An angled bob, that’s a shocking white. These styles are stunning and blonde is always a great color in summer.

96. Simply blonde

There are literally dozens of different blonde colors to choose from. This angled bob looks great with the blonde shade that we see here.

97. Noble style

A simple but classic look, has a shoulder-length haircut nice />

98. Fat and Naughty

Four different short bobs, but all of them have their own appeal. Choose the color and style of cut you want and you will find a style that suits you perfectly.

99. Gray

These gray-blonde styles are all the rage these days and we can’t get enough of them. They have class and elegance to you.

100. Dear Brunettes

A simple style for a brunette who has simple layers that look wonderful on shoulder length hair.

101. Simple braids

A large shoulder length style that has a cute braid. Would this be a great style to wear to a wedding or summer event.

102. Spiky Styles

If you want to feel like a rock star then this is the style for you. It has all layers and the look is very pointed and angular. I love all of these layers and the color is wonderful as well.

By that point, you’ve probably found an amazing shoulder-length haircut to sport this season. If so, that’s wonderful! Now the next step is to find a hairdresser who has some experience with these types of cuts. Once you do that, you just have to book an appointment and you go to your next cut. That is how easy it is to get the look you want this summer.

We hope you enjoyed the article. Please comment on your favorite looks!


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