101 Romantic braided hairstyles for long hair and medium hair – hairstyle models

Aren’t you feeling green-eyed about how boys don’t mess up while washing their hair? It’s so easy that they get a new hairstyle in seconds until the girls are busy determining the angle to get this creepy comb in their hands. Well, the moment to cheer yourself up and thank your beautiful hair has finally arrived since this braided hairstyles for long hair and medium hair it will all be effortless for you. Braided hairstyles tutorials will subconsciously move your hands to get an incredible hairstyle for your big day.

  • Sponge your hair yourself today to make it more glittery and oil-free.
  • Prepare your hair one night before the event if you crave to have curly hair by doing simple French curls for one night.
  • Say yes to deep conditioning treatments as they bring back the lost shine in your hair to reinforce your facade.
  • Hairstyle hacks will prove to be life hacks for you. Start reading and using the myriad of effective home remedies that improve hair quality a week before the event.

Messy Side Fishtail

  • Make a little French braid by snapping a few hairs off your head to braid the fishtail by putting the French braid in it.
  • A nice one-sided fishtail braid is done.This looks great with casual outfits while walking around with friends.
  • You can add hair beads to the side of French braid to make a dramatic statement.

Messy up-do page

Leave your hair on one shoulder. Pull the hair from the right side and braid two French braids to the left ear. Roll all of your hair and push bobby pins into the bun vertically keeping the two French braids together in the middle of the bun. Get this exclusive royal hairstyle with your sexy long a-line robe.

Middle part of side braid

Pull and braid part of the hair from the right temple to the left ear. Mix the French braid with free hair and make a perfect fishtail braid that leaves the hair a little looser to make it more dramatic. This hairstyle along with your stunning makeup will get everyone’s attention right at your feet.

Waterfall braided bun

How charming it looks when you meet a bride in a white dress and a magnificent waterfall with braided knots on her head? It’s big braided hairstyles for long hair that will surely ring your big day by leaving it breathless. Accompany your sexy dress and stunning hairstyle with amazing earrings to see your best.

Messy Bun Twist Headband

Pull the hair out of the neck and braid two French braids to the ears, which they pull over the head and look like a headband. Roll up the free hair and make a messy serve. Pull out some fringes to improve the cut of the face and therefore the look.

French headband up-do

  • Wear your mini one-piece with sweetheart neckline along with the loose braided bun with a French braid headband that makes it look more sophisticated.
  • You can have your hair dyed or highlighted for a different look on your wedding day with your sexy wedding outfit.
  • Her pink grin on her face is a must to compliment this hairstyle.

Braided ponytail

Part your hair in the middle and start braiding the hair normally. You should have two French braids on the back of your head. Hold the two braids together with the rest of the hair and make a ponytail. You are welcome! You’re ready for your tiring but impressive day in the office today with this amazing five-minute hairstyle.

Layered French Braid

Pull the hair out of the central part of the head and make normal French braid again pulling the hair out of the area under it some untouched and braiding it with the previous one. Do the same with the rest of the hair. And cheers! Your styling therapy is complete. Wear a lower back up along with this hairstyle to look hot.

Upside French braided bun

This is an impressive type of high bun that you could flaunt your sexy neckline. Wear a strapless robe with this amazing upside down braided bun and let a few strands of hair play with the air that moves around your neck. Get some asymmetrical bangs in the front to make this hairstyle a lot more charming.

French mat bun

  • Divide the head into three parts and put braids and braids all over the head that connect the hair from these parts together.
  • Roll up the remaining hair to get an elitist bun.You can be a hairdresser for this Need hairstyle as it is a bit difficult.
  • A simple casual outfit will also look glamorous with the outfit, while it is simply incomparable with a prom outfit.

Double Waterfall rolls

Make a waterfall waterfall braid and roll it into a bun. You can accompany the beauty of your hairstyle by using glitter stones on the waterfall braid to add a shiny touch of diamonds to it. You can wear long queen clothing along with sexy pumps with this gorgeous hairstyle for a majestic look.

Fishtail braid

This is one of the best braided hairstyles for long and medium hair. Even thin hair will look voluminous thanks to this hairstyle. Sexy fishtail braid could make any of your casual outfits look sexy without losing the innocence of your face. Wear it with a sexy lace top with a cardigan over it for a trendy look with this amazing fishtail braid.

Chunky Braid in Fishtail

  • Start forming a side waterfall braid by dividing the hair in two.
  • As soon as you reach your ear, grab your whole hair with the braids and start braiding a loose fishtail.
  • Make sure the waterfall you are braiding is loose and a few strands remain free.
  • Wear this hairstyle with your boho outfit to take a look at an incredible bohemian girl.

Dutch braid

You can call it an inversion of the French braid. Grab the hair from one side of the middle scalp and start braiding the other way around to finally fix it on the back of the head. Keep it relaxed to make a Dutch kind of statement. It looks great with loose-fitting tops and a delicate necklace that suggests a touch of romance. Use hairspray to prevent it from ruining.

Twist braid

Pull and turn and pull and turn! That is all you have to do to get the attention that even the Miss universe cannot reach from the audience. Be it your show at a party or graduation party or anything else, you’re sure to rock. Prefer your elitist party dress so people turn around and look at you twice. Your makeup will make you look more beautiful.

Medium French braid in a fishtail

The hairstyle of a Barbie doll; Middle French braid in fish tail. Start by making a normal French braid that looks like half a headband from the middle of your head, braiding a fishtail with the rest of the hair and the braid. This nifty hairstyle is barely done in 10 minutes, which could give you infinite force. Quality mascara to emphasize the shine of the eyes should be included during the make-up.

Ballerina bun

  • Have you ever felt fantasized when you saw this unimaginably tough hairstyle that looked fantastic on these fairies and princesses?
  • Here’s one for you, dear dad girl!It is an amazing mash-up made up of a Dutch lace set and Dutch braided bun that looked like a waterfall.
  • This hairstyle is perfect for your wedding day as it will transform you from daddy’s princess to hubby’s angel.

Double Dutch Braid

Make a half head band on both sides of your scalp by braiding the hair normally. Make another braid by twirling the hair. Hold the two together with other remaining hair and roll it up to get a messy bun. Your exotic outfit must match this sexy hairstyle. Approach a large hairdresser if you are not comfortable.

Top French braided bun

  • Keep grabbing hair and doing a tight French braid, pulling some hair again to braid new braids, and finally pinning them.
  • Hold all your hair together to resemble a tall bangs and twist them to make a bun, and your top French braided bun is ready to go tonight.
  • It will look great with strapless dress along with your cluttered sexy posture.

Chunky braid

It’s basically a combination of two French braids; a french waterfall braid that starts at the top similar to a headband that combines with other free hair to make a thick and loose french braid. Every loose braid is a chunky braid, keep it in mind. You can have this hairstyle over a simple crop top with high waist jeans accompanied by cowboy boots.

Chunky Braid Headband

Divide the hair into two uneven parts and pull the hair from the left temple to the right, creating a loose French braid. Pin it at the back of the head. Hold other hair on your right shoulder and braid the hair normally. Put the rubber band on and you’re ready for your hairstyle. Simple, yes?

Chunky Braid waterfall

Pull the hair off your left temple and start making a French braid. Do the same to reach the neck and get a great side waterfall. After that, the hair is woven further to get a thick, chunky braid that makes a dashing fashion statement with maxi dresses that are embodied with delicate lace work.

Side waterfall braided bun

Make a sexy side waterfall braid by following the steps of waterfall chunky braid so that you start braiding hair from the right temple and to the left side of your neck. Braid the hair all the way to the hairline and roll it up yourself on the left side to get a waterfall-braided bun.

Side fishtail chunky braid

Pull the hair from right to left and start doing a waterfall fishtail braid to reach the back of the neck while holding all of the hair to form a fishtail braid. Remember a loose one! And you are all successfully completed with your most time-consuming work. Trust your hairdresser, you look damn hot, lady.

Twisted headband up-do

  • Part your hair from your left temple.Grab the hair from your neck and start braiding normally and wrap it over your head, crossing your left ear and pinning it behind your right ear.
  • Make another braid and wrap it over your head, this time crossing your right ear and pin it behind your left ear.

Floral side messy braid

It is yet another special and beloved hairstyle to match the traditional wedding outfit. Make up a sexy braid and accompany it with authentic flowers. You can also add rhinestones that could decorate your hair, just like stars decorate the sky.

Half up-do

Pull the hair from the hair of the temple and do a normal French braid on both sides, bring it to the back of the head and hold it. You can do this half with your sexy sleeveless top against a high waist skirt. Put the pumps on with the outfit.

Cornrow Braid in French Braid

Start braiding normally by pulling the hair from the left temple to the right. Make two cornrow braids with the right temple hair and merge these three into a French braid. This hairstyle is great to take on at work. Flaunt your new hairstyle and dandruff-free hair.

French braided up-do

Make a normal French braid waterfall straight on the back and twist it up and pinning it up there to get an amazing improvement. Wear long earrings with this hairstyle to enhance the sphere of divinity and ultimate beauty along with your sexy ball gown.

Lacy French Braid

Start by making a lace braid that resembles the waterfall braid to the end of your hair. Count only the hair that is on the way and let go of the hair. This hairstyle looks great on crop tops with high waist skirts along with a simple short neck accessory.

Fishtail Braids on both sides: Pig Tails

Divide the hair through to split the hair into two sides. Braid a fishtail on each side of the hair and therefore on the other side. Secure with the elastic band to prevent hairstyle from being ruined. Look like a cute schoolgirl by doing this hairstyle!

Braided crown

  • This messy upgrade could make any ordinary impression like a princess with the ultimate crown for a day.
  • If you love, you can also get asymmetrical bangs.Floral stuff could be added to make this hairstyle even more terrifying and beautiful.
  • Wear heavy jewelry to go with this stunning hairstyle.

Waterfall crown hairstyle

Part your hair from the front, not necessarily in the middle . You can get a waterfall crown by forming a circular waterfall braid. As simple as that! This is a wonderful hairstyle for long and medium length hair that gives your look a deep shine.

Double braid

Part the hair in the middle and make tight braids by braiding the waterfall. Pull hair further and weave tighter. You can enjoy highlighting the hair in certain places to make the hairstyle more attractive.

The bow roll

It is an exclusive hairstyle for long hair, which is a sweet mash-up made from braided headband bun and waterfall braid. Start making a perfect waterfall braid up to your neck. Once you’re slightly above your neck, split the hair in two and start making two braids that you wrap separately over your forehead and tucked behind your ear.

Chunky mother and child!

Divide the hair in two. Make sure one part is much larger than the other. Make a thick, loose, chunky braid that keeps some asymmetrical pony skins loose. These loose hair make a sexy fashion statement. Make a chunky braid with smaller part also connected to other shoulder. Wear casual for a swag look with this outfit along with a unique look.

Waterfall Headband

Divide the hair in two and start braiding a waterfall tip to resemble a headband and a needle. That is all for you to go with today. This hairstyle also goes well with formal gowns and casuals. You can also make a high bangs after doing this hairstyle while joining a serious discussion at work.

French braided hoop

If Princess Jasmine could look so dashing by wearing a metallic hoop on her forehead, don’t try this unique French braided headband hairstyle along with your Arabic outfit. Wear the harem pants along with a short sleeveless t-shirt and get this hairstyle done and appear as graceful as it looked.

Messy French Braid

You will love this hairstyle with a professional outfit or in formal parties with semi-formal outfits. This hairstyle could make thin hair appear voluminous due to its messy mesh. This hairstyle brings a new style into your fashion when worn with an Indian traditional outfit.

Head of Braid

Make a neat high ponytail and grab two small hairs and put a tie in between. Keep doing this until you reach the end point of the ponytail. The ladder to reach the head is ready! You can get this sophisticated hairstyle for your romantic date along with your white dress for Date Night. Wear long earrings with this hairstyle without a neckline.

Check out a few romantic braided hairstyles:

A perfect set of sexy hairstyles is right here in front of you to match up with your amazing outfits for all your daily events and even the special ones so that you feel safe every day as you make your way to profound goals. Trying new things may be a bit difficult at first, but it’s also pleasant at the same time. In addition, you could be endowed with numerous different hairstyles for infinite upcoming life stories.


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