100 chicest short hairstyles for short hair – latest trend hairstyles and haircuts – bangs hairstyle

Short hairstyles are a timeless style that fashionistas have worn across the country. Whether you’re reinventing your style, creating a striking look, getting rid of excess weight, or just wanting to try something more minimalistic and freer, short haircuts can be dashing and unique, and shorter ends mean less styling time and less hair loss.
If you’re looking for a new way to rock your short locks, or if you need short hair to take the plunge to shorter ends, from fun to end and flirting to elegant and soft, discover some of the most beautiful and different short hairstyles for women Now you run to your stylist! These hairstyles will inspire you and allow you to indulge in a hairstyle that is trendy and stress free. There is something for everyone, from super short exotic pixies to elegant, feminine curly bobs.
Proper styling will completely change your look. We’ll filter out the top 100 of the hottest, most unique, and most beautiful short styles hairstyles for women today.

# 100: chic and sleek A-line

If you want to add a chic touch to your look, an asymmetrical A-line with a precise back-to-front angle is the perfect choice for all short hairstyles for women. Thanks to its asymmetry, the cut gives a spicy shimmer, while a dark tinted mane with a gray tinge gives a touch of mystery.

# 99: Edgy Long Toss Back with shaved sides

Nothing says "nervous" like this hairstyle! The sides of her mane are shaved short to create an instant sparkle stance, while a long top half leaves plenty of room to style. This versatile look can quickly transform from office furniture to a nightly queen simply by pulling the crown open and throwing back the long strands for your makeup to do the talking.

# 98: simple boy cut

Don’t be fooled by the name. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular short haircuts for women worn by many women, from celebrities to models, schoolgirls to art students. It has a kind of artistic touch, but the simplicity catches the attention of most women. Forget about struggling with long curls and just cut it super short!

– Thick wavy shoulder length bob

When it comes to short hair, many women choose a shoulder length bob because they still leave enough length for a super cute styling – just like you see here. Her big waves are quirky and fun and let these unique colors shine in a feminine and trendy way.

# 96: Bouncy Classic Cut

An A-Line Bob takes the cake when it comes to haircuts for women. It’s a short hairstyle brimming with elegance and sophistication, perfectly framing the face with each inward bent end. Try a gray color and you’ll have one of the trendiest short hairstyles in the hair industry today.

# 95: extra tight curls

With a small curling iron you appear sharp and spectacular. Tighten your curls especially tight, apply hairspray thoroughly to ensure an efficient hold, and combine it with your best clothes to get a perfect finish.

# 94: Extra symmetrical graduated bob

This special look is EVERYTHING about precision. Notice how her completed bob is snapped from front to back at a perfect angle, which will perfectly match her precise look with a set of baby bangs on one length. With a few highlights, however, she brings the slim posture upside down and provides a break in precision to have a bit of fun.

# 93: Wavy long elf

When you think of short hairstyles for women, what do you think about first? A pixie cut! If you’re not ready to open ALL your locks, opt for a long elf with enough room for a bit of styling. Her loose waves can be both elegant and flirtatious depending on makeup and clothing, making them a versatile, easy-to-style cut.

# 92: Challenging short strands

If you are looking for simplicity? Look no further than this modern but simple short haircut. Her thin curls are a perfect base for this bob and give her rather lifeless strands some depth and volume that you must have. With a few pieces on her face, she looks like women striving for size.

No. 91: double-sided braids and loose thick curls

The mermaid look can look the way you want it, regardless of whether you choose light shades that match me >Braids never go out of style; Two trendy little side braids are twisted back to result in some strong curls that make this an excellent short hairstyle to choose from.

# 90: Feathered falcon

This look is undoubtedly intense. This super dark red hue is an obvious eye-catcher that is packed, and this faux-hawk-do is undeniably sharp. If you feel like strolling on the riskier side of things, don’t be afraid to shave those sides and throw your glowing hair into a long artificial hawk, which is heavily feathered for a smooth flow.

# 89: Natural, tightly wavy pixie

Naturally tight curls are just gorgeous, but they can undoubtedly be a HUGE pain. There are many short hairstyles that you can rock if you try presenting your naturally tight curls, but a short pixie cut like this will do justice to your curls. They make your beautiful tight curls the main attraction and instantly give your style elegance and beauty.

# 88: Shaved on the neck

Bob hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for women, but if you want to stand out from the crowd you have to do something different, and this is where this short hair comes in! Her look gives an extra edgy look thanks to the shaved back, while her long parts at the top form a great base for styling and coloring.

# 87: Loosely wavy A-line

For my female ladies out there who need a hairstyle, they can wear for more formal events; This is a hairstyle to consider. Thanks to these lush, loose curls, it looks elegant, while their A-line has the sophistication that for every Party is required.

# 86: messy inverted styling

Forget about clear and clean appearances. Show your wild demeanor and free spirit by totally messing up your flipped bob! When you pull your locks together, you get the sexy attitude that everyone knows and loves. It’s also a great way to break up the redundancy of your bob haircut and bring out your trimmed ends in a whole new, adorable way.

# 85: Quirky pixie with baby bangs

You are a woman who loves to live a life outside the norm. They’re looking for short hairstyles for women that shake things up a bit. You need this quirky elf paired with baby pony. Yes, it’s a little bit crazy and a little bit wild. But its quirky feel certainly has a model appeal, just like something you’d find on the runway. Dare to try this unique task.

# 84: Curly Faux Hawk

With this wild, rocky hairstyle, it becomes child’s play to be the center of attention! Faux Hawks are undoubtedly one of the bolder hairstyles for women, but they are undoubtedly a top choice for women with an open-minded and lively personality. Try some lively curls and show a fauxhawk on the fancier side of the spectrum.

# 83: Subtle Hawk

False falcons don’t have to be disgusting either. In fact, they can be incredibly beautiful and fun-loving, just like this hawk here. Long brown curls on the top add extra height and femininity, while the sides are cut short to highlight the top half. perfection!

# 82: Super Side Swept Pixie

Did the side sweep bangs? Always trendy. Pixies? One of the most popular short hairstyles for women. Throwing your curls slowly in one hand is a more modern way of demonstrating your style, but we can’t rule out the temptation of strands dangling over one eye. Combine the two and throw a few pink tones on your mane and you create a dainty but incredibly trendy hairstyle that draws everyone’s attention.

# 81: Teased and Designed Pixie

Standing out from the crowd is a breeze when you rock a hairstyle like this! On the back and sides you will notice their razor cut, with a unique design on the back that makes them look particularly unique and exciting. At the top, she layers her hair on an imaginative and free street and immediately gives depth to the hair, while pulling on the crown leads to a disturbance of worldliness. Love this short out-of-the-box hair?

# 80: Crossed out

If you have a pixie haircut, your look may lack volume. To give your look a little shine and shine, pierce the top and back of your Pixies. It has a punk appeal that pairs well with a couple of straight bangs.

# 79: Soft, extra short haircut

Simplicity and sophistication are two words we can use to describe this adorable, extra short elf. The back is super short, so you don’t have to worry about how you styled nightmares. while the top is a layer of depth and softness around the face. With such a dashing color, it is suitable for short hairstyles for women.

# 78: shocking asymmetry

This shocking, asymmetrical haircut is a bold style for the hair spectrum and has the "wow" factor for all girls who are looking for a short hairstyle for women who are lively and eye-catching. Be ready to draw everyone’s attention when rocking this asymmetrical cut, and make it even more alluring by opting for a neon yellow shade in combination with platinum blonde.

# 77: Wavy, disheveled and highlighted long elf

Rock super seductive waves like this? You can dishevel them to perfection of your head. The layers of hair can get lost in translation if they are only one color. Make your layered pixie haircut the highlight of the show by swiping a few lighter strands across a darker base.

# 76: Simple teasing style

Short haircuts like this elf don’t have to be everyday and lifeless, but it can be a challenge to spice things up if you don’t have locks. If you opt for a short elf and your hair is thinner, try teasing your back a bit to get more height that looks voluminous and entertaining. Try different shades, such as B. this trendy and unique pink!

# 75: Colorful toss-up

Tired of the same routine when it comes to hairstyles for women with short hair? Yes, we don’t blame you. If you want something completely new and a little crazy, you’ll want to redefine the meaning of beautiful short hairstyles. Color your game with vibrant, bright tones and spin until you have a unique style that follows the show.

# 74: Elegant, two-tone, wavy pixie

Romance and elegance characterize this hairstyle for the lady who loves to live life on the lush side. Her short elf haircut is absolutely glamorous, and these curly waves instantly give it luxurious body and shine. Spicing up her brown strands with a hint of blonde near the face lightens her skin tone for a very dashing finish.

# 73: Colorful layering

Working with layers is a quick and easy way to instantly add depth and vibrancy to your hairstyle. Her long bob gets a refreshing amount of life from front to back thanks to long layers, and some lush shades like this dark pink and ocean blue give him a lot of attitude towards life. Roll your layered bob for a fun, youthful ending.

# 72: Blunt Cut Pixie

We just can’t get over how stunning this look is. It’s perfect for the lazy girl – no styling is required for an impressive look. But just because it’s short doesn’t mean it’s lacking in trendiness. These shaved sides and shaved back, paired with a blunt, cut top, are anything but boring.

# 71: Chin-length, blunt cut with flirtatious side bangs

Cutting along the chin is a great way to frame your face and give your facial features the attention they need. A blunt cut is perfect for inflating thinner manes, while a set of side bangs keep your look trendy and youthful. Splash on a colorful rainbow on your locks to shake things up.

# 70: Out-of-the-box asymmetry

Short hairstyles don’t have to follow the rules and this haircut proves this point. Step out of the box and dive into the world of quirky posture by adding layers and chops in all different directions. The result? A striking style that is far from boring. A look to be copied by your friends.

# 69: Double French Braid Half Updo

Short hairstyles for women do not have to follow the trend display. While half-updos are currently one of the trendiest hair trends, you can easily achieve this by constructing two cute French braids that result in a half-updo. Wear it to school, work, or go out in the city and look awesome!

# 68: Slightly tousled

To add some variety to your pixie haircut, throw in some unique asymmetrical chops from front to back. If you push the front up a little, this rigid style becomes any look you can wear anywhere. It’s as simple as running your hands through your mane and walking out the door.

# 67: Two-tone, long top

Of all the short hairstyles for women, this is undoubtedly one of the most unique. Shorn off and a blunt cut under longer top strands is an outstanding look that every woman can enjoy. To further emphasize the asymmetry, tone your hair in two colors and let the contrast do the talking.

# 66 : Exaggerated layers

For some pixie hairstyles, adding layers is something soft and delicate. However, if you want to try a bolder look, consider creating the last segment like this. Each section of hair is different from the other in a unique way. Light strands come in different Lengths and Cut sizes. Pop them by teasing them and combing them in opposite directions for a fun, voluminous finish.

# 65: half up, half down

For a different setting, the modern half updos. Go horizontal with your locks! This half and half hairstyle is definitely unusual, but it gives you plenty of room to demonstrate your round cut and amazing styling expertise. This year the focus is on enjoying your style. Let your personality shine brightly with a half and a half “Do”.

# 64: Accentuate the waterfall network

There is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of femininity to your hairstyle by directly braiding a small braid with your mane. This can be the case even with the shortest haircuts for women. Her beautiful waterfall braid is perfectly placed between her shorter and longer side, which emphasizes her asymmetry and kills her red carpet.

# 63: Attractive volume

Don’t settle for simply annoying and bundling in certain sections of your locks. This is a bit more daring, and put a few strands on the crown of your head and let them stand upright when you pay attention. It’s a great way to further reinforce this edgy hairstyle and literally flaunt these vibrant colors.

# 62: Chunky Split Layers

A-line hairstyles can be a bit banal and impersonal; However, if you cut your threads once to showcase some chunky, split layers, you can get a lively and distinctive look.

# 61: Retro Ruffled Faux Hawk

In love with retro inspiration? You will fall head over heels in love with this exotic hairstyle! If you shave from the sides and leave some color-intensive length on top, you can cycle on the retro road and give your artificial falcon a few thick curls in a roll shape. It’s fabulous with a nifty touch that’s easy to wear for any chic occasion.

# 60: Messy Waves

Let’s not kid ourselves: if her hair stays sleek, it looks daring and sleek, but if she throws around her mane in intense, chaotic waves, she gets a versatile, everyday style that can be used anywhere. Their appearance is full of body and youthfulness, which is an excellent way to underline their color selection.

# 59: Exotic Asymmetrical Faux Hawk

Do you fancy dimension? It is the look for you. Her short hair is nothing short of active and lively, with chops and scissors in all directions. Just look at that! The beveled ends give the eye a unique asymmetry in the back, while the patterned, shaved shady sides create a liveliness that cannot be missed. Leave extra length on top for messy pillow styling that’s refreshing and out of this world.

# 58: simple shaved cut

Thin hair, which needs a big boost in the body department, can bring relief when choosing a pixie hairstyle like this. Their long side bangs are trendy and frame the face and look particularly fabulous on a longer face. The back is shaved short and some longer strands hang over the top, creating the illusion of thicker hair. A perfect short hairstyle!

# 57: Extra slim cuts

It doesn’t get any more polished than this hairstyle. Sharp edges on the side of the mane hair are perfectly complemented by blunt bangs in the front, an asymmetry that is undeniably smooth and professional. A small pinch of highlights in their locks releases the rigidity without affecting the lavish styling.

# 56: Just a pinch of shave

You can still easily make waves or curls along this pixie hairstyle, but if you keep it straight and smooth, you can enjoy the bold layers that it made. If you shave just a pinch at the back of your neck, your hair will look more voluminous and provide an excellent way to give your hair volume instantly.

# 55: Professional long elf

Hairstyles for women can be as fancy or daring as you prefer, but this is probably one of the most classic styles in the industry. The etiquette is brought to life with beautiful facial framing. Each piece gives her look a touch of depth. Having hair straight and lightly thrown off your face is chic and sleek, perfect for work or every classy night.

# 54: Adorable Waves

Girly girls fell in love everywhere with this cute but effortless hairstyle. The thick waves from front to back give the dress a certain delicacy and volume. Perfect for an appointment with your favorite dress.

# 53: Punk rock spikes

Icy-hot colors like this deserve a hairstyle that seriously adds innovation and edgy attitude, and that’s the BEST choice. Her pixie haircut is pointed and tousled to perfection. This creates a punk rock look that is steaming and tempting.

# 52: Tousled Bob with Baby Bangs

Do you want to give your look a serious life? The addition and whirling up of waves ensures that your hair has a life of its own. A look that is guaranteed to draw a lot of attention. With the contrasting baby pony, this unique face-edged bob is a must for girls who want to shake up the web world a bit.

# 51: The new bowl cut

Thought bowl cuts were only for boys? Think again Bowl cuts are quickly becoming one of the most popular haircuts for women, and this particular bowl cut rocks a modern approach. The bowl style is easy to spot on the face and ears, but with a little hair on the back of her mane, this short hairstyle can easily be called "The New Bowl Cut". and we love it.

# 50: Rainbow waved gently praise

Fatigue from your long bob hairstyle but don’t want to chop off the length? Refresh your look with a rainbow. Rainbow hair is currently high on the list of hair trends and is a bold way to demonstrate your entertaining personality. A few gentle waves add a pleasant texture and let the colors flow together wonderfully.

# 49: Lightened natural curls

Natural, tight curls like this can be difficult to work with. So if you choose a short exercise, styling becomes a breeze. Her pixie hairstyle is slightly tousled for lively volume, while a lighter shade brightens up her overall look. Mixing and matching different shades to your skin tone can shake up your appearance and bring out your best features, especially your eyes.

# 48: Bedhead Bob

Ladies, if you want to make your short haircut from elegant and modern to sexy and seductive, that’s all you need to do: move your hair slightly and confuse it to the perfection of your head. Part your hair in a large side part and throw your ribbons juicy over one eye for an additional alluring allure. This is tonight and it is guaranteed that your husband will not hold you out of your hands.

# 47: Basic Boy Cut

Sometimes you just want to chop off your locks and become minimalistic. An essential boy cut like this is the best choice to simplify styling, and a little teasing around the hairline brightens your face for a light, airy finish.

# 46: Beach Babe Bob

During the summer season, every woman wants this popular beach hairstyle. and it’s a breeze to wear a shoulder-length bob on naturally dirty blonde curls. The only style that exists in some waves. Curl your hair a little and enjoy the beach babe experience.

# 45: buzz of lightning

Buzz cuts can have their own story, as can be clearly seen in this short hairstyle! She refuses to settle for the “norm” and lets her angular personality shine through with her hairstyle. Her buzz cut is lightened with a right shade of pink, but the light yellow flash on the side of her head takes the cake. (However, you can choose any design you want – it will be fabulous!)

# 44: Face Framing Baby Bangs and Spikes

There are baby bangs, and then there are these super short exotic and incredibly unique baby bangs that fly over the top of your face. Super chic and experimental, her innovative style has the wow factor that you won’t find in any woman. Not for the faint of heart!

# 43: distinctive ombre curls

It has to be one of the most popular hairstyles for short hair. Ombre is an absolute must, and purple and icy shades of gray are ALL prices right now. Combining the two into an adorable bob is a sure-fire way to look your best, while the lush Victoria Secret curls have an enticing, voluminous effect that works for everyone chic Night is ready.

# 42: Choppy pixie with subtle highlights

Chopped layers in all directions are an easy way to reduce the weight of the mane while creating a serious overall structure. No matter what hair color you are sporting, adding lighter shades to your face brightens your overall appearance for a fresher, more youthful look.

# 41: Smooth layers

Fine-haired women can struggle with disembodied manes, but certain hairstyles for women immediately increase depth and volume. This is one of those short haircuts. Her bomb is full of long layers, and the variety of colors gives her look an extra dimension and flare for a full-bodied finish.

# 40: ultra thick curls

The same old curls can get a little boring. If you want something out of the ordinary and unique, try out some distinctive, ultra-thick curls like this one that remain completely intact for easy viewing.

# 39: Tossed Unique Pixie

Your normal pixie haircut doesn’t have to stay in the everyday and boredom area. Spice up your style by adding a refreshing touch of texture as shown here. She stroked the back of her mane in one direction and her long bangs combed neatly in the other direction. By letting a long strand out of the pack, she instantly creates an unforgettable work that she will remember for a long time.

# 38: Soft, wavy asymmetry

We have seen many rigid, unusual short hairstyles for women with blunt asymmetry; but it doesn’t always have to be that exotic, consider this beautiful number for a softer hairstyle for the girls out there. Their asymmetrical shape can be combined with soft, long layers and loose waves and gives a feminine volume that is perfect for everyday wear.

# 37: unkempt curls and shaved side

Shaved pages are undoubtedly daring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feminize your look from time to time! Even with her new cut side, her longer counterpart enchants with some unkempt curls that are not too professional, but also not too lazy. It is the perfect interim solution for school or work.

# 36: Lively chignon

Some may say that rainbow hair cannot be stylish. we say something else. Even if you wear a shaved hairstyle with long strands that are loaded with wondrous colors from top to bottom, you can turn your locks into a beautiful chignon that is nothing short of top-class and chic. A quick and easy short hairstyle that looks wasteful without additional time.

# 35: Chopped and tousled

Pixie hairstyles are really timeless, but adding a variety of choppy layers adds activity and personality to your overall look. Disheveled and on the way!

# 34: Peek-A-Boo shaves

Short or long, brown or blue, every woman has to try a bit of shaved hair at least once in her life! A subtle peek-a-boo over the ear makes it fresher and gives it a hint of sharpness. Break the worldliness of your gaze and shave off a few strands; You will not regret it.

# 33: Side Swept Curls

Women of all ages can actually wear a hairstyle like this. If you part your hair heavily with one hand and flirt it back and forth coquettishly, you will no longer have loose curls and look flirtatious, glamorous and fun.

# 32: Defined curls

To achieve this nifty short hairstyle, you first need to add a hefty amount of gloss product to your bob. Wrap it tightly and apply plenty of hairspray to keep the defined curls in check. Very pretty!

# 31: Thrown off choppy curls

Throwing hair back from your face is the ideal way to show off your facial features. So make sure your makeup gets to the point when you wear this sensational short hairstyle.

# 30: White hot Piercey fringe

Women with beautiful hair may try to stay away from fringes or bangs for fear of making their hair appear even thinner, but that’s not the case. One of the best hairstyles for women with fine hair are bangs, especially if they are the part and cut in different lengths. Continue this unique layer around the entire head for a little body and texture.

# 29: Faux Hawk disheveled

We love a great artificial hawk, and this outstanding hawk is no exception! If she leaves a lot of length above and shaves the sides, she can dishevel her mane. And with ombre hair color, it’s a breeze to grow out of her dirty blonde ends and make her darker, mysterious roots visible.

# 28: A hint of emo

When it came to short haircuts for women who liked the emo trend, this was undoubtedly their concern. With the short face cutouts and long bangs in front of the eye, this is not only a great way to show off this style, but also a minimalist haircut that is still super cute. Color it out or wear your natural closures!

# 27: Bouncy Thick Curls

Thick-haired girls in the bathroom can find it difficult to style their long, dense strands day after day. For this reason, many women turn to a short haircut to reduce weight and manage hair tools more easily. With such an adorable long bob, creating thick and springy curls is a breeze, and the result is SO cute!

# 26: Flippy Pixie Style

Sometimes it is easier to wake up, run your fingers through the strands and go out the door. At least, thanks to your cute short haircut filled with accent layers and snippets, you still look fabulous to enlarge her base and add a desirable flip.

# 25: Chic Tousled Cut

We get a “Tabatha Coffey” feeling from this hairstyle, but hey, she’s one of the most amazing hairstylists in the world, so you know she has a sensational sport. It’s the ideal pixie cut for girls who want something simple and straightforward. Cut it short, whiten it, and ruffle it – it’s that simple.

# 24: Radical Faux Hawk

Radical? That doesn’t even describe this sensational hairstyle that is out of this world! This look isn’t full of personality for the faint of heart, and a Pokémon feels like it’s going to turn its head. When you’re up to the challenge, shave the sides and add a few designs that result in a really hard hawk that overwhelms with a mix of vibrant neon colors. brilliant!

# 23: Petite Peek-A-Boo highlights

Less a hard rocker, more a beautiful girl? Do not worry. Just because you are a girl does not mean that you cannot immerse yourself in the world of colored hair. If you feel like trying a few sharp colors in your mane, opt for more subtle and feminine highlights like these soft pink, yellow, and meerschaum greens against a light blonde bob.

# 22: Fat angle

Some haircuts only settle for angles that are sweet and slightly flowing, almost unnoticed. but don’t look like that. She opts for a sharp viewing angle that is easy to spot and show off. Such an exotic way to make a bob!

# 21: Leftover strands

If all women choose the same hairstyles with shaved sides and long tops, finding their own voice can be difficult. Break away from the crowd and do something different! Leaving a few extra long pieces over your ear is a unique thing that you can cut back or curl in with a bobby pin – just as you like!

# 20: Flowy Flippy Bob

Shoulder-length bobs form the basis for some of the cutest hairstyles for women. This is one of our all-time favorite short hairstyles for women as the ends are flipped up for a hint of cheeky posture while the rest of the mane is voluminous for a flowing look that jumps with every step.

# 19: Whimsical waves and short bangs

Is she a unicorn? Maybe not, but she’s magical with this playful hairstyle! And while this particular bob haircut usually goes with long or no bangs at all, she opts for a unique shorter front cut that is gently tossed aside. With large, lively curls like these, she creates the perfect backdrop so that her soft colors mix and come to life.

# 18: upside down triangle

Details are cut off on shaved hair, but you’ll mostly come across straight lines or zigzag lines. What she did here can be seen in a few upside-down triangles just above the neck, which is both fascinating and precise, but also very thin and expanding towards her neck.

# 17: Enchanting asymmetry

If you are looking for something exotic? You have come to the right place. There may be many short haircuts for women who have seasoning, but this is at the top of the list. Its extreme side part is bursting with cheeky posture, and this precise asymmetry is just too sharp. Try a gorgeous hair color like this for an additional modern trend.

# 16: Heart Detailing

Shaving your head doesn’t have to be bold or edgy ALL the time. Go for a more feminine take on the shaved ‘do and add in an adorable little heart at the nape of the neck.

# 15: Delicate Brown Curls

One thing we adore about short hairstyles for women such as this is the fact that you can still style it however you want. Her locks are just long enough to indulge in some delicate, romantic curls that are incredibly precise and sleek.

# 14: Soft sweeps

A-line cuts have a tendency to look somewhat on the hard side, especially if you have a blunt cut. Break up the monotony of an A-line with a light flip on the ends, tossing your hair back ever so slightly for a flowy, graceful finish.

# 13: Straight Redhead Shag

Who doesn’t love a good shag? Take an inspiration from the 1970’s and cut those locks into tons of choppy layers surrounding the face. It’s an adorable short haircut idea, and throwing on some red-hot coloring makes it modern and fun.

# 12: Rainbow Shag

Shags with a bit more length and a bit more compliance with their Layers give the classic shag a makeover we all can enjoy.
Throw your shag right into the 2000’s by making it RAINBOW. We all know rainbow hair is ALL the rage right now, and infiltrating a shaggy ‘do with tons of fresh, look-at-me hues will show off the fun haircut perfectly.

# 11: Bouncy ringlets

Ringlets are always adorable and sweet and depending on your outfit that can switch up from day to night with ease.

# 10: Teased bangs

As we all know, side bangs are a timeless trend that will never go out of style. But leaving all that hair over your eye can be quite a pain! When you’re not in the mood to clip it up and away from the face, try teasing at the crown for a little lift that’s sassy and seductive. Complete your saucy attitude by sweeping the hair behind the ear.

# 9: Wispy Bangs and Mismatched Texture

Worried about your thin hair lacking body? Ask your stylist to drench your locks in layers, some extra short and other pieces left long and face-framing. Next, curl parts of your hair and mess up the others. It will give the illusion of more hair, while also appearing playful and outgoing.

# 8: Gentle Waves

Give your shoulder-length bob some sweet, dainty texture and depth by throwing on some soft waves.going with a striking color combination such as this may be a huge change, but it is one you will certainly enjoy. The icy blue roots leading down to brilliantly gray ends makes for one enchanting combination, made sleek and elegant with some luscious curls.

# 7: Posh texturing

When needing hairstyles for short hair that are posh and modern, this is your answer. Smooth strands dangling over one eye, multicolored locks that are vibrant and contrasting, and tousled pieces tossed forward for some extra texture? It’s about as POSH as one could ever dream.

# 6: Over-the-ear volume

We love a good face-framing bob on a thick-haired mane! The thickness of the hair adds instant volume that is bouncy and delicate around the face. We love how she opts for a unique pink and white twist, the perfect hue against her creamy tan skin tone. Placing a chunk of hair behind the ear is undeniably flirty and cute- love it!

# 5: Sleek Asymmetry

Of all the short hairstyles for women using asymmetry, this is the most stylish option out there. It is incredibly minimalistic and an excellent choice for gals who only want to slide a straightener through their mane and be out the door.

# 4: Quirky Colorful Detailed Faux Hawk

We’ve seen a LOT of faux hawks on the list, and they are all pretty bad (in a good way, of course). But I think we can all agree this is one of the most enticing, unique, and downright engaging faux hawks here. Those colors are just magnificent, and the faux hawk designed with such precision. But what catches our attention is the excellent attention to detail on her shaved sides.

# 3: Messy Short Bob with Angled Bangs

You don’t see this style every day, but it’s highly enjoyable. Those angled bangs are perfect for making a rounder face appear more lean and elongated while tousling up her extra-short Bob ensures there are body and sass.

# 2: Exotic Parting

Some way part down the middle, part down the side, do this, do that- we say do your OWN thing and rock a style that is all your own. Instead of doing a basic faux hawk, she splits her thick mane into two separate sections, one part blown gracefully to the side of her face, the rest of her mane hair teased at the crown for serious attitude and height.

# 1: tight curly praise

Thick hair with tight curls is a recipe for a disaster when it comes to styling. Chop it off! All those curls will be bouncy and youthful around the face, and SO much easier to deal.

What’s your favorite short hairstyles for women?


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