100 best short hairstyles for women 2016, hairstyles picture – part 2

September 29, 2019 — by MCutts0

11. Kristen Stewart: side, short, fringe hair

This chocolate brown hair color is definitely a hit for Kirsten Steward. She emphasizes her light eyes. However, the great element here is style. It has an aggressive side parting with two different aspects and styles. Your left side is smooth and neatly hidden behind the ear, while the other part on the right side is longer and slightly wavy and roughly protrudes. Her bangs, especially the front strands, are quite long, but, along with the rest of her hair, are styled out of her face.

12. Emma Stone: Partially parted, half-length bob

Emma Stone makes a public appearance here with a solid copper. Her hair is parted in the middle and immediately draws attention to the upper middle of her face. Both sides are the same length, but styled in a way that the tips appear uneven. This look intentionally styles the strands away from her face so as not to end up in her eyes. The overall style is extensive and playful, with a hint of freedom.

13. Cameron Diaz: short, chin-length bob

We have already worked on blond colored hair Cameron Diaz used. Here we can also see her dark brown approach, which makes the look more interesting. Her hairstyle also portrays the naughtiness she keeps playing in her films. The style is a bob that is chin-length. It parted to the right and was styled in a messy way. She also has a few shorter strands on her face.

14. Vanessa Hudgens: sideways styled, wavy bob

Lots of volume here! This is the perfect style for Vanessa Hudgens. She has a chin-length bob that exposes her neck line and parted on the right side. The most impressive thing about this hairstyle is again the volume. Vanessa’s hair appears full and disheveled. It has long, uneven waves that protrude outwards. Her hair is naturally set aside to show her smiling face. The overall color is very dark brown and almost black.

15. Keira Knightley: shoulder-length bob, longer at the front

Keira Knightley looks here as if she hadn’t been to the barber just before the event, but definitely a few hours before. Nevertheless, she is someone who gets away with it and whose frizzy hair is even well received and even plausible. She wears a full dark brown color and a shoulder-length bob with the back of the head cut shorter than the front. Her hair is parted on the left side and the bob is styled inwards to frame her beautiful face.

16. Rita Ora: tiered bob with side bangs

Rita Ora looks surprised, and so are we! We already know her gray-blonde hair, but her style is quite new. It has a short and long top on the sides. The length actually varies. Her hairstyle, styling the lengths from the back of her head, makes your bangs look stunning, but the most innovative thing about this hairstyle is that this back-to-front style lets some of her strands loosely stick out on the sides.

17. Jessica Alba: Sexy medium length bob with side parting

This hair style makes Jesica Alba look young and fresh. Her hair is brown with a gradient from very dark brown at the base to a very light brown at the ends. This style is like a schoolgirl, shoulder length Bob with protruding tips. Although her hair is fairly straight, this style gives her hair volume and leaves it loose and flexible in the cheek area, making your face stand out.

18. Natalie Portman: Shaved Head

There’s not much to say about Natalie Portman’s hairstyle here. Not that it was a common sight, pretty much the opposite, but there is only one reason – "to be seen" and Natalie did it with this look! She has a shaved head, just a little bit longer than a skin head. She is probably wearing her own natural brown and clearly shows us that she is a strong woman with a beautiful face. Not everyone can wear a shaved head as well as they can!

19. Charlize Theron: Pixie with gelled waves on the top of the head

If you have a perfect neck, there is no better way to show it to the world than to wear a very short haircut. Charlize Theron knows that very well and takes advantage of it!

Her sides are neatly cut short and the top hair is a little longer. She wears a left side parting and her bangs are gelled backwards. Her ends are blonde, but we can see a dark approach as a contrast. Her overall look is very neat and has a hint of a composition.

20. Anne Hathaway: Classic pixie with side bangs

This is a pixie haircut that looks very good on Anne Hathaway. The overall color is chocolate brown and highlights her light brown eyes and gives her look a mysterious depth. The pixie style is parted on the side and carries the volume of the upper head to the left side. Her bangs play around her eyes and make them the focus of the entire look. Her style is neat and makes Anne glamorous.


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