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The decision for short hair is the perfect way to show off your beautiful features. Short hairstyles are the perfect combination of low maintenance and high clout. That is exactly our claim. You want a style that is easy to maintain, but always thrills the crowd. This is where stacked hairstyles come in! Full of fantastic layers and springy surfaces stacked short hairstyles incredible. In this gallery you will find the ultimate inspiration for Short hairstyles . We’ll even tell you how to create the look yourself!

White blonde with long fringe – messy stacked short hairstyle for women


We love this white blonde crop ! To restore this stacked style, hold the front strands of hair long to form a sweeping side stripe. With the remaining hair, cut the layers short and choppy – especially at the back of the head. This will create a bouncy and curved silhouette, as shown above. Straighten the front parts and ruffle your back for this stunning finish.

Metallic Purple Tiered Bob Hair Cut – Shaved Short Hairstyle


This stunning metallic purple bob really and really stole our hearts! Recreate this look by choosing the perfect plum shade to color your hair. Then cut it into a medium length gradient bob. The bob should be parted on the side for a beautiful long bangs. Gradually cut the layers off until they are shorter at the back of the head. You could even shave a pattern into the bottom like this stunning lady did. Finish with lots of springy curls!

Pastel Pink and Purple Tousled Cut – Pastel Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Pastels are so hot this season – and what better way to embrace the trend than they are in yours style stacked bob ? Start by coloring your roots a nice purple that blends into a pastel pink. Chop your hair into a stacked bob that is longer in the front and shorter in the back for a wedge effect. Loose curls around the front of the face and ruffled the top.

Straight and slim stacked blonde pixie haircut – women short hairstyle ideas


Demanding and noble are the two words that immediately come to mind with this cut. Take that classic stacked pxie style . Part your hair aside to get long bangs that frame the face. With the rest of the hair, add short layers all over the place. Leave a little longer at the back of the head. This will create the bouncy look we see above. Finish with beautiful golden highlights .

Pink and brown bob with shaved underneath – asymmetrical short haircut


This style is edgy, dramatic, and oh so cool – we couldn’t include it! Start with a deep side separation to ensure a sweeping bangs. Cut your hair in a dramatic way graduated bob . This means lots short and stacked layers on the back side. The front is gradually becoming lonely to create this sweeping effect. Shave some cool patterns in the bottom for an edgy finish. As for color, why not a pretty purple like this lovely lady?

Dramatic purple and silver tousled pixie – shaved short hairstyle


What’s the point in a stunning haircut if you can’t be dramatic and show it off? To restore this look, choose a standard- Pixie Cut . However, keep the bottom layer close to your head for contrast. Cut many short layers over the top of the hair for a wedged silhouette. Keep your fringe section straight and smooth. Use product to add bounce and tousle to the top layers for a stunning finish.

Swing back bob with highlights – cute, balayage short hairstyle


This swept bob is the perfect finish between smart and casual. Start with a brown and blonde style full of golden highlights. Opt for the classic stack cut, longer in the front and shorter in the back. Make sure there are many stacked layers at the back of the head for a curved shape. Sweep the hair back and leave for a relaxed conclusion.

Curly Blonde Crop – Stacked short haircut for thick hair


Curls are our favorite way to bring a stacked bob to life. Start with lots of beautiful blonde highlights in your hair. Then ask your hairdresser for one stacked bob for you to cut. Start the front around the jaw and work the layers back to the back of the head. If you want a pony, grab a cut! Finish with curls all over the head for a nice look.

Blonde and Brown Bob with Beachy Waves – Short Thick Hairstyle for Women


Who said beach waves are only for long hair? Ask with your stacked bob sure there are many nice layers on the back of the head. The more layers you have, the better the curved silhouette. With straighteners or tongs, add curls anywhere. Start from the top and be sure to roll loosely. Pull your fingers through your hair to create a relaxed curl.

Blunt Metallic Bob Haircut – Balayage Short Hairstyle for Women


Who knew metallic hues so well appearance could? With your gorgeous bob, why not add metallic silver highlights for a bold look? Adding shorter layers on the back of the head will create this amazing round shape. Add a sweeping fringe to frame the face. Finish the style by using your hair straightener for a dull and smooth end result. We love this look!


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