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October 23, 2017 — by MCutts0

Thick hair is incredibly versatile and looks stunning with long and short hair alike. In fact, thick hair works well for a variety of incredible hairstyles, including bobs and longer looks. We prefer thicker hair by opting for a shorter style. Because of this, we have some of our preferred ones Short haircuts for thick hair collected in a practical post. Check out this blog, pick your favorites and be brave for your next hairstyle!

Curved Light Brown Bob – Balayage short haircut for thick hair


Adding layers to the back of your bob will consequently create the stunning sweeping silhouette that we see above. This gorgeous dark brown hair is full of light brown highlights that make it look wonderful. Keeping the hair straight and smooth to show the style to perfection will create the perfect end result. This look would be just as special, if it’s curly too!

Asymmetric Blonde Bob with Brown Streaks – Balayage Short Hairstyles


Asymmetrical hairstyles are simply adorable and work from a longer one length at the front of the hair. Gradually, the layers become towards the back of the head layers and the end result is a graduated line like this. This blonde hair has been given strong brown stripes, which in our opinion looks simply breathtaking. Finished with a shorter fringe section, this style is to die for.

Brown balayage curly short bob haircut – everyday hairstyle for women


Curly Bob hairstyles are an exceptional way to show beautiful thick hair! In this beautiful balayage mix , which is shown above, fit Brown to blonde. The color transition is emphasized by the cut and these colors work together seamlessly. Full of short shifts For a textured finish, the tight curls from root to tip take the look to the next level.

Voluminous Curly Blonde Bob: Messy Short Hairstyles


Volume is essential for creating a dramatic style for a special occasion. This stunning blonde bob is full of volume and shows the thick hair of this lady perfectly. Blonde highlights are woven into this bob and create the best bright finish. There is long fringe section on the front of the face that makes this curly bob oh passed out.

Tousled Red Lob Hairstyles – A-Line Short Haircut for Women Thick Hair


Longer bobs can be as breathtaking as shorter ones and this gorgeous style ends a few inches below the chin. Many choppy layers have been processed throughout, resulting in a feathered finish. A border has been added to frame the face. The bob is a beautiful and bright red, and the Hair is tousled for an edgy effect that we love!

Tousled Ombre Bob Hairstyle – Balayage, messy short haircut for thick hair


Ombre is a stunning hair transition that combines one color with another in this one case brown to blonde. The two colors blend seamlessly, resulting in a breathtaking effect, ideally through a slightly graded bob full of texture. To restore this look, add tousles throughout style, creating the desired texture shown above.

Swept Back Copper Bob Hairstyle – Thick Hair Cuts For Short Hair


The hairstyle pictured above is a stunning example of a short haircut that brings dense hair to life. To make it new, finish your bob around your ears and add many short layers. The shorter layers work their way up to the top of the head. Curl the hair for the effect and finish the curls for a neat surface.

Curly blonde bob hairstyle with choppy layers


Women can incorporate stunning short hairstyles into their thick hair because there is so much to play. The blonde structured plant pictured above is a perfect example. Add lots of short layers and it creates an edgy finish. Bring your cut to life by adding beautiful curls worked from root to tip for a look that we absolutely love.

Sweeping Ice Blonde Wedged Bob Hairstyles – Women Short Haircut Ideas for Thick Hair


To recreate this beautiful stacked bob, start with the working layers. Add shorter layers on the top of the hair and all over the back of the head for a wedge effect. Leave the front of the hair longer to form a sweeping bangs. End the look with a selection of stunning blonde highlights all over your head and enjoy your new style.

Textured Bob Layered – Layered Short Hairstyles for Women Thick Hair


This stunning look could be our favorite from this collection. Edit this style into your own haircut by opting for a bohemian bob. Since this look requires texture, add lots of choppy layers everywhere. This lady chose bright blonde hair decided , but you can choose your favorite shade! Create a smooth and sleek look for the texture!

No matter what style you have or what color your hair is, this gallery will inspire you everywhere. Just let us know what look you want to see next in the comments, and the PoPular Haircuts team will work on creating a brand new gallery for your inspiration!


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