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March 22, 2020 — by MCutts0

This gallery of trendy, short bob hairstyles contains amazing long-to-short makeover cuts to match your image with one Face flattering new ‘do! Short bob hairstyles are one of the best styles for all face shapes, and these happy, easy-care looks only need a few subtleties to highlight the best facial features. (And dress up those parts you don’t like!) In the rules of beauty, the oval face is considered the most attractive, but only a few of us are blessed with it! So if your current style isn’t 100% works, to bring your face closer to the oval ideal, you have to choose a new one from here!

Choppy Bob & Straight-through bangs – short bob hairstyle for long faces


Project your carefree personality into this attractive chin-length bob for medium to thick hair ! The lack of volume on top and a full, just above bangs are a great way to shorten a long or square area. And the choppy textured side layers create a tousled width, making a long face appear wider and more balanced. On thick hair, sliced ​​layers, a carefully shaped shape is created that looks well worn, smooth or "roughly dried" and is incredibly easy to style. The top has a midsection that is flattering to the ruffled symmetry, short bob haircut stressed!

Cute midsection bob – short bob hairstyle for everyday wear


This medium high, short sliced Bob haircut was made for oval face shapes developed , because it emphasizes the symmetry of an oval face. It’s a cute look and a very fashionable everyday hairstyle, with long layers that create a lot of shape and movement. The casual structure is held in a rich, cocoa-brown color, subtly highlighted with beige-blonde in order to maintain the look ‘natural’. Shorter layers around the face make a long, split fringe and the profile moves at a slight angle to the neck, completing a relaxed, easy-care bob!

Flattering long to short makeover – short bob haircut for round faces


The main function of any hairstyle is to flatter your face, which we can sometimes overlook. For example, long hair can be the preferred style for teenagers – who all like to look the same – but it’s not the best look for all faces! This successful makeover haircut shows that a release agent is not suitable for a round or wide face, but for an off-center or side separation. The extra-long pony cuts the curve with a strong diagonal line and breaks the symmetry with a modern touch. The model’s face looks slimmer and her hair looks thicker and more stylish in this flattering short bob haircut!

Balance a long face with a chic short bob haircut for thick hair


Coarse, straight, black hair is one of the most popular hair structures for stylists to cut. It can be fabulous asymmetrical hairstyles cut that are practically washable and show the clean lines of a “good cut”. The before picture above shows how long, straight hair emphasizes the long face of the model. But the fabulous curves, the rounded back area and the beautiful asymmetry of this short bob make a long face appear shorter and add a lot Style ! And to complete the chic, modern vibe, there’s a glossy, purple toned sheen that looks fantastic!

Trendy short bangs on a fine bob haircut for Asian hair


This easy Bob haircut is a noble, "neat" look, paired with perfect nails and make-up! The straight-across stripe is short, showing the model’s well-defined eyebrows and shorter side layers that soften the line with a sweet curve. This angled bob has been carefully layered to create a natural rounded volume between the crown and neck. And the gentle back-to-front angle has carefully textured tips that break up all the solid lines for a modern, feminine look. There is attractive texture and movement on the sides and on the back, which has a nice detail on the neck in a nice, classic style with a modern twist!

Neutral-blonde top on a brunette angle bob


Bleaching hair to neutral-blonde all-over can damage hair, but lightening the top layer creates a fashionable, 3-D color effect. This chin-length bob is suitable for medium and fine hair because the bleaching process thickens the strands of hair and increases the natural volume. And lightening also improves oily hair and helps ease the bother of fine, flaccid To avoid curls. So this highly fashionable blonde hair color idea might just be what you need to your brunette angled short bob to brighten and thicken!

Cyber-glamor ‘S-bend’ waves and holographic colors


If you prefer to show off beautiful avant-garde hairstyles before everyone else, you will angled bob idea love! It’s choppy, with uneven layers and a new “S-Bend” wave pattern. This creates a cyber punk glamor look that is completely new. There are only a few colorists who are currently experimenting with holography-inspired colors. But we think it’s a look that’s Ultra-Mod- Becomes very popular with fans and then becomes mainstream. The fantastic colors come in a mix of gray, beige and white blond Skillfully balayage mixed – with a pearlized finish and brunette roots. And for a groovy sci-fi finish, the hair is highlighted with “holographic”, purple and green toners!

Stylish purple-black Boho- One-Length Bob


Here’s another example of that easy, but very stylish short bobs that You can reach on straight, dark hair. At chin length, this bob fits almost any face shape with the right parting and works on fine / medium hair. This cut is ideal for fine hair as it keeps the density intact without thinning it with layers. The cut is all the same length all around, with a trendy, uneven line that adds casual “personality”. This version has a midsection with shorter layers that frame the face with a flattering curved line. Styling hair to show your ears is a vintage touch back to the avant-garde Beatniks style – around 1950! And glossy purple toner gives that black hair a modern touch!

Vivid purple plum & Lilac on raggy ultra-mod bob


With total freedom to “create”, the talented colorists and stylists bring hairstyles closer to an art form every day! This award-winning hair design shows how creative we are on the exciting cyber-punk and Anime- Advance fantasy route. The perfectly balanced colors create a vibrant 3D depth with shock pink and violet stripes. You get a fabulous “neon lights” effect, with color jumping out of dark plums and black low beam. This skilful and imaginative cut expresses a fantastic vision of the future avant-garde , broken waves over long, tapered layers! As I said – a real work of art!

Versatile short bob cut covers the strong chin


This versatile bob haircut is best achieved on thick hair with sufficient density to take shaved layers. The top 3 pictures show a smooth, highly fashionable bob with an extreme angle, cut layers and very tapered tips. The long diagonal edge and the shorter side layers on the face minimize the wide chin line. And see how long the tapered tips extend beyond the chin to add a “length” that is curved inward, giving the impression of a narrower oval face. For casual wear, a grungy, bed head- Finish and the chunky line on the neck make for a relaxed, modern look!


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