10 medium hairstyles that are not too short

In the past couple of years we’ve had an epic “Short Hair Revolution“Seen that has taken the world by storm. To change the face of the silver screen, the catwalks and the shiny magazines for the good. Even if you’re not ready to go really short, you’ll likely find yourself yearning for a change while poking through a Celeb magazine or showing starlets showing their short hair at premieres. Check out these gorgeous not too short hairstyles that transform your look, but still have enough length for easy maintenance and you’ll still be able to have your hair in wavy locks or glowing straight tresses style.

2017 medium hairstyles

1- Here we have a chin length bob with a long ponytail. The bob is cut with a slight undercut and marginally feathered to ensure that the tips of the hair automatically curl inwards towards the neck and chin. The long bangs and the light, feathery cut along the sides soften the look perfectly.

2- This medium length bob is textured to the maximum and ensures that it looks full, artistically messy. The light brown base color is processed with many warm, blonde highlights.

3- The hair is cut into an almost shoulder-length bob that has been extensively layered and textured, giving it the shaggy, full look. The long ponytails and sides are feathered to smooth the face, while the deep red-brown base color is raised with a scatter of copper highlights.

4- We have a heavily textured and thinned almost shoulder length bob with a long and full fringe that is extensively feathered along the tips and below the sides of the face has been. Very light blonde highlights are interwoven with light copper lowlights to maximize the dimension of the cut.

5- This lean scarce about the shoulders bob is a length around the face to maximize the length from the front, while it was layered slightly on the back to increase the fullness of the bob and ensure easy styling. The solid, dark brown color enhances the sophisticated, shiny look.

6 – The model’s naturally thick but finely textured hair was cut into a shoulder-length bob that was lightly layered while the hair tips were thinned extensively to add extra dimensions and movement. Very subtle highlights perfectly complete the wavy look to enhance its natural beauty.

7- This shoulder length bob has been redesigned through extensive unconnected layering, coupled with extreme razor texturing to make it that super shaggy and full of look. The long ponytail and sides are feathery, while the intense light copper-red color takes advantage of the artistic dimension of this special cut. Undeniably beautiful, but not for the faint of heart.

8- The classic long bob has been thinned and textured at the tips of the hair. The stylist completed the cut with light layering along the weight line of the cut, while the hair around her face was subtly feathered.

9- Is a simple long bob that has been refreshingly modernized by bringing it together with a full, blunt edge. The solid dark brown base color and the simple, straight and slim style show the clean lines and the flawless silhouette of the haircut. The peaks The Hair lure slightly inwards.

10- The hair is styled in large, tousled waves. The wavy style shows her rich brown base color, which was woven with very subtle, lighter copper-brown highlights. These very two different styles show the variety of the haircut and potentially multidimensional look.


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