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June 23, 2018 — by MCutts0

Many women find love because they are very easy to maintain and style. You can style your short hair in more than 5 different ways and it is a very frugal hairstyle that every woman can afford, however there are some short hairstyles that are expensive to maintain, for example short blonde haircuts can be easy compared to others short hair colors become dirty like black and brown haircuts.

Short hairstyles for women

Top celebrations like Halle Berry and Rhianna have inspired many young women to choose short hairstyles. From today, learn cool styling options for your short hairstyle by following the steps below.


Cool short hairstyles for women

Her hair looks so beautiful, it is well cut at the edges and it looks so beautiful on her little oval head. Both light and heavy women can choose this style because of its simplicity and natural look. This style will look great if you have thick hair, so those without thick hair can get it by regularly cutting your hair and washing it with natural hair restorer.


  • Before you style your hair, you need to wash it so that it becomes clean and damp. Since it is very short, avoid using a hair dryer as it heats your head and short hair.
  • Choose a suitable hairstyle that looks good on your face shape. For example, you can updo like the black lady in for the hairstyle (Style 2) decide, if you have a blonde short hairstyle like the lady in (Style 30) want, have to You have thick hair.
  • Try the wavy shortcut hairstyle: the best example is (Style 4), with this hairstyle you need to wash your hair with cold water so that it thickens, condition to make it clean. Since the hair is short, use a warm but not very hot curling iron. Women with oval face shapes will look great with this wavy short hairstyle.
  • Go for the layered hairstyle. If you have thick short hair, you can do it like the lady (Style 5) lay straight . With this style, you need to keep your hair damp to make it look thick, and then put some of your hair behind one ear to show off the beauty of your earrings and face. Round face shaped & Oval face shaped women will look great in this style.
  • Try Blonde Updo’s short hairstyle. In this style, your side hair will be shorter, so do some unsightly curls with your short hair. A good example is (Style 6). The rules for styling short hair remain the same for all hairstyles.

Cool short hairstyles for black women

Cool short hairstyles for black women: Spice up your look with this cool hairstyle; it looks good for women with square / oval face shapes. It’s a casual trend that gives your face a new look and even makes you look younger. To style it, you need to curl your hair in two levels; the top hair will be longer than the hair on the sides. You can also choose to tint your hair like the lady in the photo above, but if this is your first haircolor, please go to the salon because you could mess up your hair. Below I have listed a few tips that you can keep in mind when styling very short hair:

Things to consider when short hair STYLING:

  • Define your hair type before choosing one of these styles: Some of these cool short hairstyles require you to have thick hair. So if you don’t have this type of hair, you may have to grow your hair thick
  • Pay attention to your face shape: We all have different face shapes, so you won’t make some hairstyles look good. For example, if you have a square face, the bob haircut will not look good for you, however women with round faces can opt for a short bob haircut.
  • Don’t do hairstyles for yourself: I suggest you go to a salon and get a nice haircut and style; It is okay to describe what you need to your hairdresser because it will give you a clear picture of your beauty interests.
  • Define the color of the hairstyle that complements your skin: Not every woman looks good with tinted short hair, so you need to ask a hairdresser the type of shade you should have. Women with fair skin will look great with gold / brown / blonde tints.
  • Use saloon curlers or small buns to make waves in short hair : As you can see in the photo above, the lady has wavy hair, to make similar waves, you can roll your hair with salon curlers, or you make tiny buns that you can tie with a rubber band if you have tiny buns want to use, make them very tinny to get a big effect.

All hairstyles listed here have been done by specialist, so there is a possibility of not looking exactly like these ladies. NOTE: All of the hairstyles listed here were made by specialists, so there is a possibility that they may not look exactly like these women.

2013 cool short hairstyles

Super Short Silver Blonde Hairstyle: If you want to look cool and unique, you should consider this blonde short hairstyle. Unlike gold blonde, silver is pretty bright and it doesn’t look good for every woman. So before you bleach your hair, you need to compare your skin color with silver. Black women with light skin tones can wear this silver blonde hairstyle, but women with dark skin can’t look good with silver blonde hair.


  • Bleach your hair to a lighter color: If you want to have a silver blonde trend, I suggest that you do it in a gradual process. Don’t immediately apply silver bleach, first use a pale blonde color and see what your hair looks like.
  • Use a silver toner: Now that your hair has a lighter blonde color and you are comfortable with the look, you can apply head and silver toner to your hair. Unlike most dyes, toner is good for light hair because it is weaker and effective at the same time. However, follow the instructions for applying this toner to your hair as this may affect your appearance. For those who have no idea about hair bleaching, I suggest you go to the salon.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap: After applying silver toner, I suggest that you cover your hair with a shower cap, remove it after 45-50 minutes, check if your short hair has turned silver, if not, you will need to add small amounts of silver toner and cover yours Head again.
  • Care of silver blonde hair: Now that you’ve managed to bleach your hair like the lady in the photo above, you need to know the basics to keep your silver hair neat and sweet. Use either purple or blue tint shampoo to clean your hair.
  • Comb your short hair: To get a similar super short, thick hairstyle, you need to get your hair down properly with a small tooth comb or a brush. However, spray your hair so that it gets damp but not wet, this will give it a shiny, healthy look.

Cool Short Hairstyles for Women – Wavy

Cool Short Hairstyles for Women – Wavy: The height of her hair is different in this hairstyle. This short wavy hairstyle requires you to cut your side hair shorter than the one on the top. Condition and moisturize your hair, then twist it to make these waves, but you can also make small buns and tie them with a rubber band, this will twist your short hair, spray your buns, and undo them after 10-15 hours , You will see waves in your short hair, just like the lady in the photo above.

Cool short hairstyles for women – Layered

Medium long silver blonde hairstyle: If you don’t want to cut your hair too short like the lady in (Style 3) , you can opt for this medium length hairstyle. If you have naturally thick hair, you will look fabulous with this trend, and for those with fine, light hair, you can make it grow thick before tinting it silver. If you want to learn how to turn your hair silver, follow the steps that I took in (Style 3) listed

Cool short hairstyles for women – blonde

Cool Short Hairstyles for Women – Silver Blonde: The only difference between this short hairstyle and that in (Style 3) is that it is a bit messy and the hair at the top is longer. Use the bleaching steps I listed in (Style 3), but if you want to make curls like the lady in the picture above, use saloon curlers / rollers if you don’t get them; Opt for small buns.

Cool short hairstyles for women 2013

Short straight bob hairstyle: Women with round / square face shapes can look great with this bob haircut; The lady in the photo above tanned her hair brown and she splashed her hair to make a sleek bob hairstyle. If you don’t want to commit to very short haircuts, you can always go for this bob trend. Below I’ve listed a few tips you can follow to cut a bob.


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