10 beauty tips for men

10 beauty tips for men

Hi Guys! Okay, so we know why you’re here: you want to feel better in your skin by being more awesome. And it`s totally true that it isn`t only women who need beauty tips. After all, boys have skin and boys know that sometimes things go wrong with their biggest organ.

If you’ve felt walking around the landfills lately because you don’t feel like you look good, you’ve wanted to ask other people for beauty tips, but withdrew because guys are all about beer, soccer and video games, right? You don`t need beauty tips!

You couldn exactly break FIFA for a few minutes while your best buddy "Gazza" asked if he knows how to heal dry skin you could?

But it is cool. We won`t tell anyone you`ve been here. So without further ado, here are 10 great beauty tips for men.

I have a male friend who complained a few months back to me that he always goes skin in winter. I asked him why he hadn’t done something about it and he just shouldered and said: "Winter will happen soon."

For one winter last three months. Three really long Months. That dry skin isn’t going anywhere quickly.

Second, why suffer with itchy and unattractive skin for so long when you don`t have to?

There seems to be a stigma too moisturizing with guys, but moisturizing the skin is only sensible!

If you’ve got dry, flaky skin, use moisturizer at least twice a day.

Just go with the hair products

with gels from the supermarket Many people like to style their hair. The problem is that these hair gels sometimes contain alcohol.

Why is that a problem? Since alcohol is what makes your hair prickly and hard. `S what makes your hair look okay but not ingenious.

In the future try to avoid hair gels that contain alcohol and instead have a play with matte pomades and waxes. These will be friendlier to your hair – as long as you use them in moderation. This means that instead of splashing a gallon on the head, try to limit yourself to a cent large amount.

Buy the shampoo that right for she is

If she with If your partner’s parents live, you are probably using what shampoo is in the bathroom. Why bother buying your own? You are a man after all! You don`t want to get clocked in the supermarket from your best buddy to buy shampoo!

"Uh. I accidentally bought it! "

Listen, it’s not something like that "one size fits all", when it comes to shampoos. There are many different types, and what could be working fabulously for your partner or mother could be what gives you an itchy, dry scalp.

Take some time to find a shampoo that is right for you.

Use a conditioner!

The amount of time I’ve got a puzzled answer from my fellow friends when I’ve asked them if they use conditioners incredibly.

"Hair conditioner? Is this a new game?? ", Pleas e ask your question.

"Sounds like a new game."

No, just no. Conditioner is actually essential for the maintenance and wellbeing of your hair, whether it’s short or long. It keeps your mane healthy and keeps it from drying out.

Get a new hairdresser

I know what you’re doing and saying. You`re waving your hands at me and shouting that indiscriminately "`ve had my hairdresser since i was five! He knows me better than my own mother! "

No. He knows how to cut your hair the same way he did since you were five. That’s all.

So many guys pick a hairstyle when they’re boys and stick with it for life. So many.

But as you get older, the size of your head changes. So it has to be framed differently. What worked when you five didn’t necessarily work when you’re fifty. Yes?

Find a hairdresser specialist and ask them to suggest something to you. Get a new style that works for you and looks great.

Look for your eyes

One of the first places people realize that you’re aging your eyes. You are the window to the soul – but also to your true age.

To avoid dark circles and pockets around the eyes, try using a moisturizing eye cream. You will only do one blob a day.

This is one of the most important beauty tips for men. Yes, you are what you eat.

From the experience of hanging out with guys my whole life, I know that your diets are not fantastic. Bacon and sausage sandwiches and six pints of stock, chaps on the right?

It’s all nice and fun when you’re in your twenties, but eventually it will catch up with you. Your diet affects your skin huge. Junk food and alcohol are responsible for the nasty toxins that create stains, spots, boils, dry skin, varicose veins, broken veins – and so much more.

As soon as you start eating the right things and drinking plenty of water, your skin will start to look so smooth as a baby`s.

This is another thing that boys shy away from. Whenever I suggest to my male friends that they get their teeth whitened, they grimace and tell me, "to get out of here."

But I’m serious. Your teeth will be stained in the Course of Years of alcohol, coffee, smoking, junk food and so on. You don`t stay pretty forever, and even though you may not think you are doing every last harm, it doesn’t exactly make you a hit with the ladies.

Visit your dentist and see what they suggest. Alternatively, you can use a whitening toothpaste or just avoid certain foods (you can read them online).

If you really want your skin to look as beautiful as when you were a boy, you’re going to have to peel off.

When you exfoliate, you are essentially eliminating dead skin cells from the surface.

And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Look for your lips

This is another important beauty tip for men. Just like everything else on your body, lips age too. certainly not freed Berrys from the sands of time to carry them down.

If you’re not convinced, compare your lips now with a picture of yourself from childhood. See the difference?

If you want your lip`s aging process to slow down, apply a lip balm three times a day.

What are your favorite beauty tips for men?


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