10 amazing long hairstyles for round faces

Can’t find the perfect hairstyle to complement your round face shape? We make it easy for you. From Miranda Kerr, Sarah Hyland to Ariel Winter and Emma Stone, who are inspired by these A-Listers as we list ten long hairstyles to help you emphasize your features.

Read on with these amazing long hairstyles for round faces to get creative!

1. Crown Braid:

American actress Hayden Panettiere looks ethereal and graceful with her artfully braided crown up`do. The secret of this long Hairstyle for Round face is that the braid is clear, defined, and, of course, the sleek, smooth surface on her curls. Enhancing the chic style with flawless makeup and subtle eye makeup, the actress looked gorgeous while keeping her look fresh and natural overall.

2. Messy high bun:

Renee Zellwege’s simple black dress gets a lot oohing and aahing about her messy high buns. theBridget Jones`s diary Actress hugs her beautiful round face by wearing her hair pulled up, while leaving a few strands around her face for a softer look. Team in this look with a classy pearl necklace and you are good to go!

3. Long side swept wavy hair:

Seriously, how wonderful is Mila Kunis from here? It`s true that she always looks great, but at the premiere of Jupiter ascending with their side swept waves that Show the 70`s Starlet was the picture of perfection. Do a texturizer like Umberto Dry Texture Spray, over your locks for control.

4. Glam Waves With Sweeping Bangs:

Do you want to give your long strands a chic update? Let yourself be inspired by Emma Stone and go glam with wavy hair and curved bangs. To create these waves effortlessly, spray a light hairspray and a heat protectant. Next, use a thick barrel and curl your hair to get a natural pattern instead of curls.

5.High ponytail:

Miranda Kerr has long been a fan of the high ponytail, and so we as the hairstyle create a flawless definition for round face shapes. First apply a volumizing mousse and pull your long bangs up to create a tight bangs. Next, use a thick curling iron to add volume and thickness to your voluminous tail. Once done, tame mist with a light flyaway hairspray.

6.Sleek straight hair:

Olivia Munn, who is always on trend, wears her poker straight hair with an off-center parting. A great look for round Face shape, the hairstyle lengthens her face rather than focusing on her cheeks and round chin. To straighten hair like Olivia’s, apply straight heat protection before gently ironing it flat.

Top: Try pairing the sleek look with a brown lipstick-it helps.

7. braided bun with a headband:

With a structured updo and nicely decorated headband, Kirsten Dunst sure knows how to shape her blonde mane for her club face. Out of late, she actually has a keen updo fanatic, and she should be how the hairstyle perfectly complements her pretty, round cheeks.

8.60s pony:

You may not agree, but a long ponytail with face-framing bangs helps tighten a rounder face to make it look less chubby. Take a hint of actress Sarah Hyland and her retro pony that helps her attentively up her cheekbones. This sophisticated and classy hairstyle works well for a night out or a hot date.

9.Red curly hair:

Actress Drew Barrymore is bursting every piece with her red curly hair and dewy skin. The hairstyle flatters her circular face shape, like her long bangs curling around her face, and adds definition of how it lengthens and slims her round face.

10. p >

Modern family Actress Ariel Winter`s shiny, undone side bun with side swept bangs perfectly flatters her rounded face shape. Perfect for date night, Ariel`s look, create a low ponytail to mimic first. Next, twist the ponytail into a side bun and secure it with hairpins.

So ladies, try trying these long hairstyles, for round faces To blind your functions. Let us know your favorite look in the comments below!


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